What’s on your plate?

happy apples

You’ve just finished your workout.

Whether you’ve spent a couple of hours or a couple of minutes on it, you don’t want to UNDO it.

Here are some tips:

–saturated fats should be kept to a minimum (example bacon, or any food where 1/2 or more of your calories are from fat)

–check your portion sizes (it doesn’t mean you carry a food scale around; it means you stop eating when you feel full–that’s the best scale you can employ)

–eat a variety of foods; however, begin to increase your dark, green, leafy vegetable intake.  Ideally, your plate should be 1/2 fruits and vegetables (rationale=vegetables & fruits act as a kind of “flush” for your system.  Their fiber content helps to rid your body of excess bloat, while providing energy and vitamins needed for workouts, as well as activities of daily living

–swap one can or glass of soda for H20 (staying hydrated properly helps keep you feeling full longer; and soda is not real hydration) If you find this difficult, try this: one full glass of H20, for every 1/2 can or glass of soda

–if you enjoy milk, try 2%; work your way down to 1%(still working on this myself)

–in order to lose weight, you should be expending (either through exercise, decreased calorie consumption, or both) 500 calories per day.  This will add up to 3500 calories/week.  How does that translate to weight loss?  3500 calories=1lb  You will be losing 1 lb per week if you expend approximately 500 calories/day

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

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