Injury, surgery, what about my workout?

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You were well on your way to running your first 10K–or maybe you just started a fitness routine.  Either way, now you are sidelined with an injury, or perhaps recovering from surgery.  You don’t want to lose what you’ve gained, and you don’t want to gain what you’ve lost.

So what about your workout?  Here’s a few questions for your MD.

–when can I return to my workout?

–what can I substitute which won’t aggravate my injury or stall my recovery, but will help me return to my routine?

–do I need rehab? Once rehab is over, will I need to work with someone out of center?

–what type of nutrition is needed for optimal recovery?

Once you return to your routine, remember, easy does it.  Depending upon your injury/type of surgery, you may have to take things at a slower pace–perhaps a much slower pace.  Proper nutrition, hydration, as well as setting weekly goals can be helpful.  However, consult your MD/specialist for the particulars.

If you believe you will overdo it, bring someone with you who is at the same level you were, prior to your surgery/injury.  Working out with someone at your level, keeps you in check.  Better still, enlist the guidance of a personal trainer.  A personal trainer can provide training specific to your sport and/or fitness level, while helping you avoid aggravation of injury, or stalling recovery.

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

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