Hit the pavement or hit the gym–or maybe the DVD player…

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What do you have in your house?  It’s a worthwhile question.  And, it applies to more than storage space, clothes for your favorite charity, or leftovers in the fridge.  It is also applicable to your workout.

When counseling clients, I refer to “what do you have in your toolbox?”  For one such client, it meant re-thinking what workouts meant.  Once an avid runner, he now faced hip replacement surgery.  Though he hadn’t run in many years, he felt he could “knock off” 35+ pounds if only he could run.  I told him there were many alternatives to running; but he wasn’t enthused.

I visited the health club he recently joined, and pointed out the cross-trainer.  His first try on it yielded “this will take some getting used to.”  “That may be,” I told him.  “However, you will find it a good alternative to running at this time.”  Although this is still a work in progress for him, it is part of his “toolbox,” since running is not.

My recommendation to him, as well as others is this:  workouts needed to be varied, accessible, and come with a back-up plan.  If you like to go to the gym, but your car isn’t cooperating, what about a DVD?  DVDs can be life-savers if you can’t get to the health club.  The key is selecting one at your fitness level, or a step above.  If you have led a pretty sedentary lifestyle, probably a high intensity workout isn’t for you–UNTIL you progress.  Start with something that elevates your heart rate, yet keeps it within range for your age.  You should feel yourself working up a sweat, and once finished, know you have had a workout.  There are many DVDs available, for all fitness levels and intensities.  Discuss your choice, goals, and overall health status with your MD, before beginning a routine.

Varied workouts keep your body guessing, rest overused muscle groups, while strengthening those overlooked in your normal routine.  If you enjoy strength training, skip the gym and try a yoga class–if you are really up for a challenge, make it a HOT YOGA class.  You will be surprised at the workout it gives your body, and the resolve it gives your mind.

Again, it comes down to “what’s in your toolbox?”  As with any, it should be well-stocked and anticipate almost every situation.

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

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  1. Look forward to following your blog. Your ideas are easy to follow and very informative. Like your post “toolbox” about those days when you just can’t get to the gym. I’ll be working on my DVD library.

    1. Thanks Joe! I appreciate the feedback. Hope to get start my personal training workshops started over the summer, on the great southside/south suburbs of Chicago. Go SOX!

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