What the nursing process can teach you–A FIVE PART SERIES

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The nursing process is the initial step in analyzing how to care for patients.  This process is one of the first principles you learn as a student–yet it can be a useful tool; applicable to everyday living.

ASSESSMENT, DIAGNOSIS, PLANNING, IMPLEMENTATION, & EVALUATION.  These may sound a little intimidating if you are not a nurse; however, as these are discussed, you will understand how they can benefit you.

Let’s look at ASSESSMENT.

Assessing a patient means you are taking inventory if you will, of what the patient is telling you–verbally & non-verbally.  Blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, what brings the patient to the hospital/clinic are documented, and later integrated into the bigger picture.  While this by no means entails a complete assessment, these segments are typically part of it.

However, assessment is a term which applies to any circumstance in which you want to “take stock” of the situation.  It is the initial step most of us take, when we want to make a change–meaningful change.  You cannot decide how to compel transition, without knowledge of what is in stock.

How many of us stop at the grocery store, with the intention of picking up a “few items.”  If we haven’t taken stock of what we have on hand, we often find we have spent more money, purchased what we didn’t need, and forgot what we stopped for in the first place.  This is not only an example of poor planning; it is a lack of ASSESSMENT.

Is streamlining your life, as well as your waistline, part of your goal?  If so, taking inventory of what you have on hand–the positive, negative, what needs changing, what does not, & how that change will impact your life require defining; and of course, ASSESSMENT.

Be sure to check back for DIAGNOSIS.  It isn’t just for physicians–and how it can figure into your life may surprise you.

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

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