Works for me–well maybe not so much…

getting ready  In my most recent post under FITNESS, I relayed what has worked for me.  Will add-on to this in subsequent post.   Meanwhile, would love to hear what has or has not worked for you.

Today however, I will be addressing my most annoying pet peeve.  Though I hate to admit it, this has actually worked.

1.  Belittling my body by comparison–this type of mental battering does work, but with disintegrating results.  For a brief amount of time, I would work out a little harder & eat a little less.  What came next?  More comparison, more self-deprecation, which led to what?  Binge eating and more self-abasement.  In the long-term, whatever “results” I achieved by this method were synthetic and short-lived.  Inwardly, miniscule change occurred, to keep up the outer effect.

Few of us will acquire or maintain media images of ideal bodies.  Why?  The possibility exists that the person in question doesn’t possess that body either.  Even if they do–what did they go through to achieve it?   In contrast, by no means does this give one license to eat, drink, and be merry without restraint. Oh well, what the hell.  Also, I have found criticism existing of those who have put in the time and dedication needed to achieve a certain result.   It ranges from ” if they’d work the hours I do, they couldn’t spend all their time at the gym,” to “if I could afford to be lipo sucked & tucked, I’d look like that too!”  Point taken; with validity in many cases.  Yet excuses and criticism of yourself or others, doesn’t give you the body you want. (Hasn’t worked for me anyway)

“You get what you work for, not what you wish for.”  I recently saw this quote on a stock photo.  Truer words were never spoken.

Is there a happy medium?  Absolutely.  Getting what you work for is part of a process; one which leads to greater effort with greater results.  What is it that is so gratifying about a struggle?  Well why do people desire to climb Everest? Participate in an Iron Man/Woman event?  What enables someone who has been told they will never walk again, struggle to take one step?  There exists in all of us, the desire to overcome.  We as a species must evolve.  It is a primordial mechanism that keeps us moving forward, regardless of circumstance.  As long as you exist on this plane, this desire will arise in you.  Sometimes for the better, sometimes the worse–yet it is there.  Use it, but use it wisely.

To achieve your fitness/weight loss goals, the point is to BEGIN.  For some, just the thought of starting a routine is intimidating.  No one said you had to do it alone.  Asking for help may be your beginning.  Whether that help comes in the form of exercising with a friend, journaling, enlisting the assistance of a trainer, or a combo plate of the above, you are learning what works for you.  That’s your evolutionary process.  Realistically this should be your main objective; learning, evolving, learning a little more, evolving a little more.  Then comes the day when you thought what couldn’t happen, has.  You are no longer “there,” you are “here.”  The question now becomes “are you satisfied?”

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

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