Happy Father’s Day to the Dads, but this one’s for the “GIRLS…”

bra Happy Father’s Day!  Whether this is your first or your 61st, enjoy; and take a much deserved bow.  Also, take a break–because this one’s for the “girls.”

LADIES–this is a topic I’ve wanted to address for sometime.

Most of us at one time or another, have struggled with the “girls.”  Whether you are an A, B, or double D, bras can be, shall we say– a pain in the glutes (will tackle that area in another post).  If you are a runner, step aerobics enthusiast, or engage in any activity where your chest gets more attention than your intellect, you need a decent bra.

SPORTS BRAS–separating the A student from the D–and beyond.  Take a look at http://womensrunning.competitor.com. “Gear: Girlfriend’s Guide to Sports Bras.”

If you are more generously endowed, you’re probably pulling in “double harness.”  Yes, I’m speaking from experience.  Working out at a co-ed gym, I’ve become quite creative in anchoring and camouflaging.  Running my favorite trails incurs the same preparation.  The above article separates the “straight A‘s” from the major Divas.

One more I found helpful.  http://running.about.com. “How to Choose the Right Sports Bra.”  This addressed something I’ve experienced, but thought it was my imagination.  I never thought about a sports bra infringing upon my breathing capacity.  Yet when I saw this, it validated what I suspected.

The sports bras cited in these links are not inexpensive.  The recommendation in one states that after 72 washes, it should be discarded.  Well….that could be a costly proposition for a woman working out 5-6 days a week.

What works for me?

I am a major Diva.  Running, INSANITY, hot yoga, as well as the other routines I use, have not changed that.  Frequent exercise has had a major impact on the rest of my body–save one, well literally two.

For me, wearing two sports bras isn’t really an issue.  BUT, they have to be in the right combination.  If I wear two racer back styles with equally matched support, I find my breathing and my running are compromised.  However, I’ve found pairing a lighter support polyester with wide straps, with a medium support racer back, works well.  The wider strap I use as my base layer, is similar to the genie style bra.

Have a favorite brand?  Any advice from my A, B, or C students?  Double Dutch and Frankly Fabulous–I’d like to hear from you too.

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