“Sugar in the Morning, Sugar in the Evening…Follow-up

happy applesRecently I discussed my take on sugar vs. artificial sweeteners.  “Sugar in the Morning..” was originally posted Sunday, May 19th.

If you use sugar substitutes, this article might be a worthwhile read.  “CSPI Downgrades Splenda from “Safe” to “Caution.”  This can be found on http://mercola.com

I realize the reputation sugar has earned.  No, it is not an innocent bystander–and we all want “healthier” alternatives for our sweet tooth.  However the jury is still out for me, regarding substitutes.

This article suggests options as well as “take the test” to recognize if you have an allergy to artificial sweeteners.

Dr. Mercola includes an interview (15 minutes) with a colleague, as well as one suggestion as an alternative.  Stevia is mentioned; not Truvia.

Thoughts? Comments?  Your experience with sweeteners?  Let me know.  Contact me at serrenity.c@gmail.com



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