Clean up your act….

healthy living waterfallHave you ever wondered if cleanses and detoxes are worth the bother?  Not to mention the unpredictability it may wreak during your work day?

If you haven’t exacted the less than warm and fuzzy effects of detox/cleanses on your body, should you?  Perhaps.  However, my idea is not limited to a little lemon juice and cayenne pepper.  Pricey supplements (some will run upwards of $200) and herbal concoctions may promise a sparkling clean colon and clear skin.  But what happens when you finish your 5-10 day stint?  It’s the “then what?” that interests me.

Regardless of how acne free your skin may become, or how many pounds you lose, this way of life is not sustainable.  Even if it were, do you really want to ingest only pureed food substances, or drink lemonade laced with hot peppers for any length of time?  Maybe add a little cabbage soup to the mix for variety?  If that’s what it takes to remain healthy, I’d rather be worm fodder.


While detox/cleansing can “jumpstart” your weight loss, you can expect it to slow, stall, and then stop.  The same holds for any other attribute you experience while performing your cleanse.  However, if you are feel you are in need of such a feat, choose wisely.  Every cleanse is not for every body; just like exercise routines.  Your body has its own ideas of how to assimilate and eliminate what it doesn’t need.


Want real change?  Not a temporary fix?  Then realize cleansing may not start with the latest herbal remedy inducing flatulence and runny stools.  Real detox starts with changing your mind.

Detox 360 understands your body may not be what requires cleansing first.  Your perspective, how you relate to the world, and how it in turn answers you, should be your starting point.  What does this have to do with fitness and health?  Time to find out.

How you view yourself is essential.  Do you allow others to dictate your self-worth because of a few pounds on the scale?  If so, time to cleanse.  Cleanse those people right out of your life.  I’m not advocating turning a deaf ear to medical professionals, or a diagnoses which insists on weight loss.  But to those “well-meaning” frienemies which subtly (or not so subtly) sabotage your esteem, offer them a polite “get lost.”

We often hear about how our world is suffering from environmental toxins.  Indeed.  Environmental toxins may be closer than you think.  Sure they’re out there.  More to the point, are they in there?  In your social circle?  Your household?  Time to cleanse.  You may not be able to totally eradicate that gossiping co-worker or nagging relative from your life.  But you can certainly change how you relate to them–or even if you relate to them.

The last piece in this detox puzzle is discernment.  How you discern your environment, is how your environment responds.  If you see this world as hostile, dog eat dog, and uncaring–guess what?  That is exactly what it will give to you in return.  If you see yourself as less than, the world has no problem in confirming your accusations.

Yes, detox and cleansing your body may have benefits–temporary as they may be.  There are many to choose from; touting cures from everything to acne to diabetes–even cancer.  Who am I to judge.   Yet for me, a cleanse for the body is a latter piece in the puzzle, of a much bigger picture.

My idea of a master cleanse?  You’ve just read the 1st part of it.  Second part next post.

Keep up and keep at it.  Questions?  Comments?  Contact me at


  1. I agree with you entirely, positivity and the right mindset is imperative before you begin any cleanse. It is only after a soul searching trip to Africa that I have cleansed my mind which is allowing me to currently cleanse my body 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind words. This blog is a work of the heart. So many are obsessed with weight loss, exercise, and detox. I want others to understand while these are importants components for healthy living, they are not the “be all and end all.” Thanks again for visiting!

  2. “If you see yourself as less than, the world has no problem in confirming your accusations.” Great advice! Stay positive, project a positive attitude, and you’ll be better for it!

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