Detox 360–body work

knee and toe nudeColon cleansing, detox, fasting–do they really work?  The answer is a resounding “maybe.”

There are many who swear by colon cleanses.  Arthritis to acne, belly aches to belly flab–many feel these cleanses are essential to maintaining well-being.

What does the medical community have to say? “Colon Cleansing:  Is it helpful or harmful?”

Colon cleanses are required for colonoscopies, or where bowel evacuation is needed as a prep for viewing or a procedure.  Other than this, your body rids excess by process of elimination–in the form of urine or stool.  So for most, the idea of detoxing or cleansing is already in place.  I tend to agree.

However, I have found giving the digestion process a break from normal complexity, can not only renew your body, but your perspective.  How?  We’ve covered a few “detox” issues in “Clean up you act,” “Detox 360,” and “Detox 360–are we there yet?”  We’ve taken our lives there, why not press the reset button for our bodies?


Unless you work where you can access your own private bathroom at a moment’s notice, your cleansing days may have to wait till the weekend.  Additionally, if you take medication which requires you eat within a specified time frame, fasting and detox may not be for you.  Just as you should check with a medical professional before beginning any exercise routine or diet, cleanses are no exception.  Why? You are disrupting the normal digestive as well as nutritive process, even if your intentions are good.


Intermittent Fasting—-This is something most can do.  It shouldn’t send you searching for the nearest restroom, armed with purse sized air freshener.  Fasting is one of the oldest methods of cleansing; for body and spirit.  It requires little investment; but treads that dangerous ground called commitment.  We discussed that last post.  You can choose your time frame, as well as your liquid of choice.  Your body thirsts before it hungers.  Hydration is key; especially if you are limiting food intake.

Your fast can last from the time you awaken till noon; or all day.  It’s your choice.  As stated before, your health status and medications, will dictate IF this is a possibility.

Fluids of choice?  I start with juice.  Although I enjoy cranberry, it can be quite dehydrating.  It may great for UTIs, but for fasting, best to skip this one.  If you enjoy V8 or blends, these are much better suited.  I begin with a heavier or opaque juice, progressing to an ever clearer choice, then finally H20.  In this manner, my blood sugar isn’t sent into a frenzy.

If I haven’t fasted in a while, I will do this till about noon; 2pm at the latest.  My first meal is usually a soup, one that is not creamed.  Most of the time, this will conclude my meal intake for the day.

Part of this process, is to decide what fasting and cleansing mean to youIt is not a “one size fits all” script; you make the changes, the necessary adjustments, and you decide the key players.

Need a little more info to decide if intermittent fasting is for you?  “What is the role of gut bacteria in calorie restriction?”  This article is laced ideology regarding chemicals and food as well.  As with anything, you make the call as to what fits your life, and lifestyle.

More picks for cleansing?  Next post.

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

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