Detox 360–Putting it all together

solitudeWhen I began this series, I knew its core wouldn’t be the latest herbal enema.  That can be found in any health food store, and online.  No, this had to entail a bit more–it had to address lifestyle detox initially.   Once completed, I then posted “my favorite reset cleanse.”  Only when lifestyle intervention had been outlined, would I post my idea of a detox or cleanse.

Beginning with “Clean up your act,” this is where the journey initiates.  If your life is out of control or a cesspool, chances are, so is your nutrition.  Your body just follows suit.  That’s why for me, detox must be 360.


Key issues in detoxing your life have been addressed.  A “reset” button has been pushed; not only in your life, but if you have tried the cleanse, also with your body.

If you have put any of this into practice, chances are, others notice.  There is no better way to illustrate a principle, than by becoming a living example.  Continuing on this path requires due diligence; just like nursing.  As I have often told patients as well as my clients, “you are responsible for your healthcare.” Or “you are responsible for your change.”  Personal trainers, just like the medical community, are simply the facilitators.  We show you what needs to be done to maintain your health.  It’s up to you to put it into practice.  However, to truly complete the circle, you become an example to others.  No need to shout it from the rooftops–your improvements will do it for you.

The finishing touch I would like to add is this:  All of what I have addressed in this series is meant to be detox.  Starting with your life, resetting with your cleanse, and understanding daily activity (need not always be intense) creates, rejuvenates, and reclaims your perspective.  And really, what is a detox or cleanse supposed to accomplish?  It’s meant to start a change, and end with being changed.

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

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