In case you missed it….

???????????????????????????????????????  Let’s face it.  Nutrition, diet, and exercise are words that sound great.  Implementing them however, can be tricky to navigate.  Therefore, I’m always interested in what might make this journey easier.

Recently aired on Dr. Oz ( was how different body types may react to a change in diet.  If you are attempting to lose the flabby midsection, his idea was to integrate more protein into your diet.  Carbs should be kept to a minimum; meaning once or twice a day–and then they should be complex.  Protein enables your body to think lean, saying “enough carbs already, I’ve got plenty of reserve.” Therefore potato chips, french fries, and spaghetti need not apply.  Brown rice is what he showed accompanying dinner.

If your problem is your derriere, his idea was to add oregano to your meals; it appeared to be as much as possible. The idea being was to “turn off” your body’s assumption that it had to store fat in your hips and rear end.  According to Dr. Oz, estrogen is what keeps your gluteus maximus, maxed.  Oregano tells your body, “ok, you can let go. Storage space full.”  If you have this body type, the good news is you can eat more of the complex carbs.  Still you must choose wisely.

This show aired Friday September 20th, in the Chicagoland area.  However when I went to his website, this episode was cut short; stating to tune in Friday.  Maybe a glitch–and available later.  Look for “Viewer takeover.”  You will know if you have the right episode if it begins with Dr. Oz riding a white horse, wearing scrubs sporting his name in sequins.

Below the video of this show, is a quiz entitled “What’s your Metabolism Type?”  A few short questions, and it categorizes your cravings into “types.”  There are videos below that, illustrating Dr. Oz explaining which foods to eat based on the outcome of the quiz.

In the battle of the bulge–regardless of where that bulge may be, there is little quarter given.  Fat doesn’t fight fair; it’s in everything we consume.  Here’s to tipping the scales, but in your favor.

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

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