Working out isn’t working…series intro

B. Lee   It may be day 32.  Perhaps day 132.  Either way, you’re not happy with the fruits of your labor.  You’ve been hitting the gym, the DVD player, and watching what you eat.  Yet from your perspective, all you’ve noticed are marginal changes.  You’re not alone, but that isn’t necessarily comforting.  So you want to know, what’s the problem?

This topic is important to address, but beyond the scope of a single post.  It’s why I’ve decided to tackle this over several; well at least over a few.  In doing so, I hope to solicit feedback from my readers; their struggles as well as their triumphs.  What has worked, what has not, and what is on the fence.

Weight loss, diet, and exercise may go hand in hand; but is still not a “one size fits all” proposition.  Most of us have heard to the point of ad nauseum”you are what you eat,” or “move more eat less.”  Equally tiring is the endless litany of “try this” exercises to shrink our abdomens, blast our saddlebags, or curtail the billow of bat wings.

Even if you’ve managed to lose the weight you wanted, have you achieve the look you wanted? 

These are questions and topics I find surprisingly under addressed.  Given the numbers with such concerns, the information ranges from non-existent to cursory, biased to pricey–in more ways than one.

Sorry to say, there are no definitive answers.  Again, the “one size fits all” mentality needs to go the way of the wooly mammoth.   But if your motivation is stalling because you’re not seeing desired results, subsequent posts might shed some light. They may strike a nerve or even turn you off.  That’s ok.  What we want to hear, often has little to do with what needs to be said.

If you are a trainer, are your clients satisfied if they reach their goal?  If you are in the midst of a heated battle with the bulge, where does your vulnerability lie?  Cravings? Lack of time for exercise?  Does facing an apparently constipated scale undermine your activity, or sticking to balanced meals?

If any of this sounds familiar, stay tuned.  Why?  Because under or uncharted territory, here we come.

Questions?  Comments?  Your story?  Contact me at

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  1. Which is why a trainer is needed. Someone could work out for months and not get what they desire, better to start off right then be guessing as you go along. A lot less frustrating in the end too!

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