Mirror Mirror….a commentary

waterman  When this blog began, I knew its purpose and focus–lifestyle, healthy living, as well as clearing up and clearing the air of misconceptions.  Since its initiation in April, I have published my 50th post.  I thank my loyal readers and followers.

I will be continuing my series next week “Working out isn’t working.”

Rarely do I address the rise or fall of those involved in or depicting fitness.  The majority of us work towards the same end; to help those who seek, find and achieve their goals.  I only approach this subject now, because of its polarizing effect.

I’m sure most of us have read, seen, or heard of the “fitness mom” on Facebook.  She strikes a pose in a pair of short shorts and sports bra inquiring “What’s your excuse?”  Below, are her three sons under the age of 3.

Before I give my take on this, I have to say I was appalled at some of the comments she received.  They ranged from “are those kids really yours–they don’t look anything like you..” to far worse.  Earlier this year, I published a post on how those who put in the time, may be criticized for doing so. Often they are viewed as narcissistic, lacking life and priority skills.  Well, there is no shame in being fit and looking the part; after all, it is the aspiration of many.

There are those who have accused this mom of “body shaming,” as well as perpetuating to women we must be size 6 or below to be beautiful.  I’m sure many have fallen prey to this ideology, experiencing it 1st hand.  As a nursing student, I recall a young mother who just gave birth.  The reason she comes to mind is this: she refused her celebration dinner tray, to speed up her way back to her size 2 jean.  Why do we as women, allow ourselves to fall victim to such absurdity?  It’s not enough we carry a child and give birth, but now we’re to believe we must be a size 4 by the time we push the baby out?  And woe to those who can’t fit into their skinny jeans within 3 months.  You now become the poster girl for “letting yourself go.”  How inane.

This feed is the effect such commentary garners from the “What’s your excuse?” inquiry.  I’m sure many emotions and memories are stoked and evoked from her question.  But once that happens and our emotions are quieted, then what?  Really, she is simply holding up a mirror; reflecting what society tells us we should be.  Inspirational or inflammatory–it matters little.

The take away?  We are talking–whether about fitness, healthy living, nutrition, or feelings of self-worth, we are provoked.  Maybe it solicits a change, a change in the way we view ourselves or the world around us.  Sure she looks great–but I’ve seen worse and I’ve seen better; kids or no kids, younger AND OLDER.  Let’s not lose sight however of the real relevance of her pictorial; or her question.

Mirror mirror on the wall, is this the reflection we should expect from all?

Keep up and keep at it.

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