Working out isn’t working….a little thanksgiving please

meat & chopsticks  The holidays will soon be upon us.  Thanksgiving is once again usurped by the Xmas season.  This usually leaves us with expanding debt as well as waistlines.  However I offer a solution; at least for the latter.


Being thankful doesn’t necessarily equate with a religious belief.  Whether it does or doesn’t for you, Thanksgiving may be the perfect time to back things up a bit.  How?  Start with being grateful for the meal before you.  Next, give thanks for every bite of food you are able to chew, digest, and assimilate as nourishment for your body.  No, this is not “the count how many times you chew your food” diet.  This is something more.  This is being actively engaged in eating a meal.  You can call it mindfulness, gratitude, or thankfulness.  That matters little.  It will blossom into an understanding, and eventually eradicate mindless eating.

I use this method regularly.  It slows me down, and enables me to focus on what’s in my mouth, as opposed to the next bite I want to put there.  Satiating your appetite and not feeling deprived is difficult.  With this method, you’ll enjoy your food more, while consuming less.  Yes, it takes practice.  But you may find as I have, the rewards go beyond a declining number on a scale.

Before you toss this idea on the scrapyard of “won’t work for me,” try it.  You will forget more often than you remember, at first.  That’s ok.  As I said, it takes practice.  Eventually, you will find yourself eating less, but tasting more.  You won’t be in such a hurry to swallow, to get to the next morsel.  Second helpings may become a thing of the past.  “All You Can Eat” buffets will be a waste of money.  Why?  Thanksgiving is now more than a day marked by the calendar.  It is not about turkey, dressing, or sweet potato pie as much (though I do love sweet potato pie).  It won’t be about football or planning your Black Friday overindulgence.  Thanksgiving for you at least, will have become a way of life.

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

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