Holiday binge or holiday bust; maybe right out of your pants

cakes  Lets face it.  We all will probably do a little imbibing and indulging.  After all, tis the season.  Before you step right up to the buffet, or step out for New Year’s Eve, take a look.

Even if the idea of running makes you run the other way, this article from Runner’s World offers some decent advice.
Considering many will gain between 2-5lbs, if not more, between Turkey Day and the Day of the Drink, any attempt to curtail your intake is worthwhile.
For me, extra food and or alcohol means extra work.  If you’ve been working diligently to take off the pounds, I’m sure the idea of packing a few back on is disheartening.  I believe hard work should be rewarded; just not with extra calories.  If you keep in mind your taste buds need not be the recipient of said reward, that’s a major step.  All too often, a few less pounds showing up on the scale one day, leads to overloading your plate the next.
If you do find the scale has become stuck on North, take heart.  Consider intermittent workouts during the day.  These need total no more than 10-15 minutes.  The trick here is to make sure you give it your all.  Even if you have completed your normal routine in the morning, nothing revs up the metabolism like a quick kick in the pants.  It might save you from busting out of yours.
Intermittent fasting is also helpful.  I realize this is not for everyone; especially those taking medications dependant upon food.  However if this does not apply, intermittent fasting coupled with sporadic workouts is quite useful.  You might even find your scale is now heading due south.
What keeps you on track during the season of indulgence?  Have a strategy you’d like to share?  Contact me at

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