New Year, New You–inside strategy

green flower  Resolutions are in place–check.  Gym membership, trial or otherwise; check.  Shoes, workout wear; check and check. Juicer, blender, and subscription to any number of healthier living magazines–check.  Check-up–including labs, (CBC, lipid profile, lytes, etc), and discussing those minor (or major) aches with your nurse practitioner or MD….

If you’re like many, these may be last on your list–if they made it at all.

In my last post–better read this 1st–I likened weight management to financial planning.  While I make no to claims to be one, most of us are familiar with terms of investment, time, and strategy.  You don’t have to be a financial planner to know these.  Few of us make investments without seeking advice.  Many of us would like tips, strategies, and an inside scoop if possible.  Well here’s yours.


Yes, we all want that trimmer waist, slimmer thighs, and to drop unwanted pounds.  A few things come to mind when I hear this though.  First I ask my clients “when is the last time you’ve had a physical?”  For many, it’s been 5 years or more.  If that’s the case, I request they have one, before we start training.  Some may balk, but they understand.  If they are in peak physical condition, they may find another trainer; and that’s ok.

Experience has taught me not to judge by appearances.

As a new nurse, I was assigned a 21-year-old male on a med-surg unit.  At the time, I wasn’t much older than he.  I started my morning rounds and vital signs checks.  Before entering his room, I expected to find an overweight, short of breath on exertion, very decompensated individual.  Why?  I’ll get there in a second.  I introduced myself, and told him I would be his nurse for the day. (I think he expected a more experienced looking, sterner nurse, by his reaction)  His vitals were pretty normal; but his BP was a little high.  He was about 5’11” and weighed 180 lbs; lean muscular build.  And he had a cholesterol of 2000.  No, this isn’t a typo.  2000.  So much for judging by appearances, FACEBOOK FIT MOM.  But I digress.

The point is if you want to change the outside, you’d better start with the inside.  This includes not only a physical, but determining your motivation for losing weight.  Everyone cites the tried and true “I want to get healthy, be around for my children, and have more energy.”  All are very good reasons.  But, aside from being around for your children (grandchildren or great-grandchildren) define what “get healthy” and “have more energy” mean to you.  You see, unless the specifics are there–the tangible; what you can articulate, taste, touch or feel, it won’t be real.  And what isn’t real, isn’t sustainable.  Proof?  How many fail to stay motivated 3-4 weeks into their weight loss regime?  Ask any personal trainer.  Ask me.  Better yet, ask yourself.

If you’re really committed to the NEW YEAR, NEW YOU phrase, fasten your seat belt.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride.  The good news is this:  you know you need a strategy; now you have an inside one.

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.  Can I help?  If so, contact me at

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