Fast or fed? That is the question….

??????????????????????????????????????? There seems to be some controversy regarding working out on an empty stomach.  Ok, some is an understatement; make that “lively debate.”

For me, I’m not surprised by the question.  Yet I am surprised at the amount of vehement indignation leveled on both sides.  I did manage to find a few articles which consider the pros & cons of each.

I like this one.  Why?  Reason and research–my favorite “R’s.”

Here are a couple more.


Not everyone can or should exercise on an empty stomach.  Like those of us who are caffeine sensitive, and prefer tea to that lack of taste, dark liquid many enjoy, finding what works for you is key.

If you take medication which requires food, lack of nutrients may be your undoing.  Diabetics on insulin need to definitely be wary.  Checking with your nurse practitioner, diabetes manager, or MD is essential.

Keep a few things in mind, if you want to exercise on an empty stomach.

1.  Do I have access to food, if needed?  This is tantamount if you are prone to low blood sugar.

2.  How do I feel during my workout if fasting? If I have eaten? Afterwards?

3.  Am I losing more, less, or equal weight employing this method?

4.  Am I more prone to stomach upset if I eat?  If I fast?

Keeping a diary of your workouts is essential.  Not just because of the above items, but also to track frequency, intensity, and duration.  Exercise routines should vary; alternating high and low intensity days, as well as duration.  Time of day you are working out may also impact your goals.  You may opt for that snack depending upon the “hows.”  How are you exercising? Cardio, Strength? Flexibility? All of the above?  How long is your workout lasting? How intense is it that day?

If you haven’t considered the “hows,” or if this information is new to you, to eat or not to eat may not be your only question.

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

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