Cheese power…

cheese please  It seems like all things dairy have taken a bad rap lately.  I’ve talked about this before.  One minute celebs are lining up to wear the milk mustache.  The next, dairy is responsible for everything from bloating to acne.  Certainly if you are lactose intolerant, dairy is problematic.  But for those of us who never really bought into the “swearing off dairy” craze, here’s a bit of good news.


Well, not so much.  Anytime you consume more calories than you expend(burn off), there is a possibility of storage.  Think of those units you purchase to place items you can’t fit into your home/apartment.  You may start off with “I’ve just got a few things.  Will never fill this entire space.”  Soon, you find yourself visiting more often, and eventually filling it to capacity.

Same idea with calories.  Whether its cheese, roast beef, or sweet potatoes (all favorites of mine), unused translates to “stored.”  True enough, not all calories are created equal.  However debunking some of these dairy, gluten-free, sugar-free myths is required.

People are indeed, confused enough when it comes to calories, exercise, & food choices.  The health and wellness industry, still in relative infancy, is still “working out the kinks.”  Well, here’s one kink this personal trainer, takes immense pleasure in straightening.

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

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  1. And isn’t dairy part of the food triangle we are suppose to include in our diet? If we stopped eating everything we ever were told by all the various “guru’s”, there’d be nothing left but air and water. Moderation is the key, and like you said….if you don’t work it off, you store it. That’s true of more than just dairy too.

  2. You are so right. While I respect those who have “done their homework,” I also believe it is up to each of us to figure this out–for ourselves. Dairy, breads & grains, and sugar have all taken a beating. In some cases, rightly so. But consider this: bread is called the “staff of life,” for a reason. Real dairy, isn’t going anywhere. We can manufacture all the almond milk and others we like; real dairy is here to stay. Sugar cane has been around longer than anyone walking the earth today. Moderation, even with what’s good for us–like exercise, is key.

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