Easy does it…

pink dancer   Flexibility.  Most of us possess some, but would like more.  Women especially, usually desire the long, lean lines associated with nimble limbs.  However, even if you are an elite bodybuilder, flexibility is still key.  Why?  Many reasons–however I will stick to just one; for now.


Range of motion (ROM) is something most of us would like to keep, as we advance in age.  If you have built your body to such an extent where ROM is compromised, then elongating and stretching isn’t just a good idea.  It is imperative.

Anytime ROM is stalled for whatever reason, you risk losing MORE.  Keeping what you have, while SLOWLY working towards an increase, will help not only in the gym, but with activities of daily living.  It also assists with balance and equilibrium, especially when confronted with out of the ordinary situations.  Examples include righting yourself to prevent falling; ability to skip, step, or hop over an object; or possibly knowing how to fall, when it cannot be avoided.  As you can see, ROM is quite useful.  Keeping it therefore, should be high on your “to do” list, and incorporated into every workout.


If just getting started, working on taking your mobility to flexibility, or would like a challenge to your ROM, take a look.


This video is about 20 minutes.  It is considered a full body workout.  Viewing it for the 1st time, may lead you to believe there is little going on.  Trying it for the 1st time, depending upon your fitness level, may leave you with a different impression.

I like this for a few reasons.  Initially, it is slow enough to really engage proper movement.  Second, unless you have severe back problems, most will find the exercises relatively easy to do.  While you may not possess the flexibility or “turn out” the participants have, you can modify.  As the instructor clearly states, “work within your own capabilities.”  And really, after consulting your medical professional, beginning any fitness routine means working within your own capabilities.

Yet isn’t it inspiring to know, what you once may have considered an improbability, can soon be your capability?

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

Questions? Comments?  Contact me at serrenity.c@gmail.com

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