When common sense isn’t so common…

recovery needed  Promises, promises.  I’ve heard them; so have you.  Shoes built on an incline to strengthen your calves and help you burn more calories.  Another with minimalist support, to enable you to run “like you were meant to.”  Well if I was meant to run barefoot, why do I need to spend money on a shoe?

Then there’s my personal favorite.

Sprinkling this item on your food, will help you push yourself away from the table.  Will keep you on track, and of course, lose weight.

I admit, I almost tried the five-fingered, rather “toed” shoe.

However, the sprinkles from the get go, I thought was pure farce.  I don’t know why this ad left me with such a bad taste; maybe it was the B-celeb promotion.  It still didn’t ring true for me,  even when it made its way to QVC.  Home shopping by no means is my litmus test for fact filled products.  As many do though, I assume it has some credibility and underwent their rigors of testing, before being put before their audience.  In my opinion, QVC has had its gaffes before–but probably no more than any other channel carrying infomercials.  The difference being is now, they personally assume the risk.  Translation?  Loss of profit and customer confidence.

This post is not intended to slam home shopping, or companies which are truly trying to make our lives better.

But if take a look at the link, you will see a host of products.  While the gist of the article is fraudulent claims and reimbursement, it underscores something more endemic to the consumer.  Once you read it, it’s not hard to figure out.


In the quest for better living, let’s not forget this.  Weight loss, beauty, and better sex have one resounding theme–the majority will stop at nothing to get it.  Therefore the minority, with these so-called improvement products, will stop at nothing to sell the majority what they want.  Think about that the next time you reach for your colonic, male enhancement, or even mascara.  Though the three combined might make for interesting conversation, i”m sure you get the idea.

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

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