You better think….

alone on a swing  Feel like you’re caught in a web?  Perhaps the quest for health, harmony, and six-pack abs makes a search for the Holy Grail more plausible.  If you’re female, the added pressure of “how you should look” is somewhere in the back (maybe even front) of your mind.  There is no shortage of diets, exercises, gadgets, supplements, humiliation and scare tactics to aid you in your quest.  However if these were consistently working, no one would be overweight.  We would all be a svelte size whatever, munching our gluten-free crackers/bread, dining on wild salmon with a side of avocado every other night, and working out 60-90 minutes 6 days/week.  Scrap the first two for me.  Not gluten sensitive, and I hate fish and avocados.  I do enjoy working out ALOT, but this schedule even for me, is a bit times.

A good personal trainer, in my opinion, needs to help you do you; KICKED UP a few notches.  When you finally part ways, you should have a solid repertoire of exercises, nutrition basics, and a plan for weight loss/maintenance.  Exercises to help you get the body you want, portion and food label constructs, and follow-up/maintenance.  Now as a nurse and trainer, I have my own ideas of what should be included.  But that’s for those who seek my personal assistance.

Following up with STOP AND THINK from last post, is part two.  PORTION CONTROL–perhaps not four letter words, but for many they may as well be.  Portion control is at the forefront of my jumpstart program.  Once my assessment on a client is complete, we talk weight loss, exercises to help them get the body they want, and yes–PORTION CONTROL.

From nutrition classes, access to dietitians, and working with patients in renal failure, I can say this.  Very few know what constitutes a portion.  While labels do give this information, the confusion I see stems from the “calories per serving” index.  If a package states there is 150 calories/serving, and the serving is a 1/2 cup, yet the package contains 4 cups, many feel the entire package is 150 calories.  So…they consume the entire package.  Never the wiser about the 1200 calories counting towards their daily intake.

You may feel this is elementary.  Yet not so much from what I’ve seen.  Of course, working with CKD patients it gets a little trickier– potassium, sodium, and fluid intake must be considered.  But the challenge for all of us remains–portion, not feeling hungry/deprived, and eating on the run.  Yes, the latter can take a toll, even if we are ordering that healthy salad.  But..what exactly is on that salad?  With some, you may as well be ordering a steak dinner with baked potato.  Might even be a better choice.

For those of you on the slimy green stuff craze–better known as avocado, you may want to check out the calories.  As one client told me “but it’s a healthy fat!”  He’s right.  My question to him was “what part of that healthy fat do you want to hit your midsection?”

Ladies, I hope this brief introduction to WOMEN & HEART DISEASE answers a few questions; especially regarding PREVENTION.  Navigating this maze of healthy eating, calories in/calories out, exercise, and food choices is no easy task–for me and many on this path.  There is no “one size solves all prescription;” and I will not pretend there is.  What there is however, is choice.  That’s where it all begins..and ends.

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

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