Want to rev up your appetite on turkey day? Do this…

fitness center  It’s that time of year again.

For those of us trying to stay on the straight and narrow through the holidays, it’s on.

Advice abounds on how to not to eat and drink your way through late November to December.  All in an effort to keep you from facing the dreaded judgment day–January 1st.  From drinking more water to heading to the gym before, almost during, and after your tryptophan feast, there is much ado.  Wish I could say it was about nothing.

So here I go, offering some of the same.  But with a twist.   Want to rev up the old appetite and consume at least 500-1000 more calories?  Head to the gym the night before–or better yet the morning of, your belt busting, belly flapping dinner.   Yes you heard me.


While I realize this may sound counterintuitive at first, think about it.  The body runs on fuel.  The more work it performs, the more fuel it requires.  While staying hydrated will keep you full to an extent, your body won’t play the fool for long.  Fluid isn’t food.

Let’s say to you head to the gym about 9am, perhaps earlier that morning.  If you’re fortunate enough to  have weather permitting an outdoor run, lucky you.  But before you rub it in, consider this.  You’ll probably complete your workout or run in about 1-2 hrs, maybe less.  You will hydrate of course, and eat a light snack–if you eat at all.  Now comes time for you to head to mom’s, grandma’s, or to a friend’s house for dinner.  (If you’re the one preparing the meal, that’s your workout for the day.)

It’s now mid to late afternoon.  Side dish after side dish lines the table, awaiting the arrival, carving, or slicing of the main course.  And that’s just the beginning.  When that bowl of mashed potatoes, dressing, platter of ham, turkey, or roasted chicken passed around the second time heads your way, more than likely it’s going to make a pit stop.  And let’s not forget dessert.  Sweet potato, pecan, or if all else fails pumpkin pie, is sure to be part of the agenda.

You get the idea.  Man/woman vs. food.  Not a fair fight.  And you haven’t helped matters any, by going all out before this knock down drag out.  Few MMA, boxers, or players of any sport go all out before the big fight or game day.  But you do.  Talk about things that make you go hmmm..


If you are bound and determined to get a workout in, consider a 15-20 minute yoga routine.  Why yoga? And why such a short time span?  Yoga (at least from my experience) tends to level off your appetite. The postures insist you hold your belly taught, while stretching and compressing different limbs at the same time.  Holding your abs firmly prior often makes you think twice about expanding them later; no matter how appetizing the meal.  Best time to do your yoga routine?  If possible, 45 minutes to an hour before you have a seat at the table.

Why not do an hour of yoga?  You can do an hour, but let’s not forget, this is still a form of exercise.  And it can rival any workout at the gym, depending upon the flow.  Your goal is to curtail, not rev up your appetite.  And besides, who wants to spend most of their holiday working out?  Maybe you do, but I don’t.  This is a day many of us are running to and fro anyway.  Spending more of it on a treadmill or pumping iron isn’t my idea of enjoying what this day is supposed to bring.

Thanksgiving need not be thanks bingeing.  But it shouldn’t be the day you become part of the 300 either.

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

Questions? Comments?  Contact me at serrenity.c@gmail.com




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