Healthy fats don’t count…or do they?

facing the scale  I once had a client tell me this.  “Avocados don’t count.  They’re a healthy fat.  Kind of a freebie.”  My response?  “Freebie? Last time I checked, there was no such thing as a freebie.”  Free to me, always implies strings. Usually more like steel cords.  Freebie huh?”  Can you recall the last time something you desired was truly free?  Not trying to get philosophical, but think for a moment.  Free lessons.  Free trip.  Free to be me.  None of the above are really free. You may disagree with the “free to be me” part.  Yet when was the last time you were free to be yourself, all of the time?  At work?  At social gatherings?  With in-laws?  In-laws more like outlaws? I digress.  You get the idea.


Calories.  Calories add up, and the “healthy fats” are usually loaded with them.  Not condemning, just stating the facts.  My favorite?  Nuts–especially cashews.  They pack 140 calories per quarter cup.  You could eat 3-4 whole ones and consume that!  Not let’s talk that green slime, AKA avocados.  And that other tofu like spreadable stuff–humus.  Have you checked the calorie count on either?  If you’re struggling to lose weight, and these are part of your healthier living regime, take a moment; and a deep breath.  Good for you doesn’t mean go all out.  But don’t take my word for it.  Take a client’s.

As a school teacher Jan 5th meant back to school, but more importantly back on schedule. I had been able to keep the weight gain to a minimum. Then the cold came and school was closed for two days, so I spent a lot of time in the health club knocking off the two pounds I gained since Dec. 15th. A lot of cardio usually does the trick. Once back in school, I eat much better, salad or soup for lunch and some kind of chicken for dinner. I stay away from pasta, but have splurged here or there. Just have to keep portion control. Two foods I have stayed away from is humus and avocado’s, I really do believe they were a problem with weight management for me.  Read the label on humus; ever try to eat just a tablespoon of humus?

This is an excerpt from his food journal, which he wanted to share.  Food journals for anyone losing weight, I feel, are a must.  If you write down, (yes write down) what you eat, and go the extra mile as to why, you will gain some unique insight.  Intertwine with intermittent fasting (if you are able), and you’ll probably change more than bad habits.  You’ll change your mind.  The way you relate to food shouldn’t be swept under the carpet like dirt your vacuum can’t pick up.  What it means to you, how hungry are you when you eat, feelings which incite you to feast or fast, are things most personal trainers won’t delve into with you.  Yet if you’re looking at permanent sustainable weight loss–lift, squat, lunge, repeat won’t get you there.

Exercise isn’t a stand alone.  It’s a tool–one of many which should be in your toolbox.

What else should be there?  What about who else?  Another lesson for another day.  Or at least, another post.

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.  Questions?  Comments?

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