This is getting confusing…a continuation

meat & chopsticks    What to eat.  What not to eat.  When to eat.  You can flip through magazines, look online, and find the be all, end all way to lose weight and/or “become healthy.”  There’s a problem though.  Despite these purported best efforts, few seem to be happy with the results.  Why?  The myriads of reasons and rationales are more numerous than the scope of one post.  But I believe it comes down to this: just as we find clothing labeled “one size fits all,” is mostly nonsense, so are the catch phrase articles touting–eat this, try this, don’t eat that.  Now we know.  But the dilemma remains–what will work for you?


First, a simple question.  What does it mean to you to be conscientious?  To be absent or absent-minded?  Consider adding these adjectives to your dining (and perhaps daily) experience.  We’re all familiar with the buzz words “fresh, organic, wild, farm raised…”the list goes on.  Whether they evoke negative or positive connotations to you is of little to no consequence.  Why?  Because we all want fresh food.  We all want to eat better, live longer, and possibly drop a few pounds.  But none of these cleanses, detoxes, or change of habits mean a thing, save the latter.  A change of habit requires a CONSCIENTIOUS DECISION.  Become mindful and not absent-minded regarding how much you put in your mouth.  What does is it like to acknowledge how you feel after a few bites of food?  Are you full?  Not quite?  How much more will it take?  One more fork or spoonful?  Two more?  No more?  Have you ever considered this?  If you’re like most, myself included at one time, you don’t know.  Perhaps its time to find out.


Discovery and success are two different terms.  Few discoveries yield success after one attempt.  Becoming conscientious will not happen in one, two, or even three attempts.  Better to start somewhere–and if food is an issue, start here.  No diet regime, pill, or exercise routine can reach you, if you persist in absent-minded eating.  What are you eating?  Why are you eating?  Are you really hungry for food..or something else?  No I’m not trying to play psychoanalyst.  Yet questioning why you are doing something doesn’t require a PhD.  It just requires an answer.



Is this a decision for you?  Or someone else?  If it’s being done in the name of a lab value, response to MD orders, or pressure from a loved one, I’ve got some bad news.  And you know what that is.  Conscientious decisions come from your consciousness, not well-meaning advice.  How can you tell the difference?  Sometimes it’s not so easy.  But there’s a sure-fire way to tell.  A true change in consciousness doesn’t just yield results.  It yields a notable change in you.  It will be in the way you respond to many tempting situations–up to and including food.  No, it won’t mean you’ll never have a brownie again, or perhaps two or three.  But it will mean you’ll know when you’ve overindulged.  You won’t become unduly elated or dejected by a number on the scale.  Yet you’ll know how to bring yourself back into balance, if you’re not where you want to be.  Great you may say.  But how do I get there?  Just like anyone interested in making a new discovery–trial and error.  I’ll have more to say on that in subsequent posts.

As you can tell, I’m not interested in re-blogging the latest theoretical jargon–be it try this routine, high protein, low carb, no carb, eat this not that, nonsense.  If you want to live your life by what works for a few, and maybe not you, be my guest.  This is not to say you shouldn’t try new things.  You can only see if it’s a fit, if you try it on.

What I am saying is this:  like that coveted pair of jeans or dress you really want to work for your body, but just doesn’t, leave it.  You don’t need it.

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

Having trouble navigating what works for you?  We can work on that.  Contact me at



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