Is this stress? Or rising to the occasion?


We all have been faced with it.  No one is immune.  No vaccination, no pill to take.  But it can be remade or re-imagined. I’m talking stress.  What I’ve termed the great in-equalizer. Let me elaborate.

Recently I attended a seminar on how we process stress.  Most of us are all too familiar with the symptoms–heart racing, head pounding–fight or flight.  That’s exactly what it’s meant to be–fight or flight.  But what if we could re-frame this?  What if this was a sort of rising to the occasion?

What if we used this to dialogue with ourselves? Others? How would that conversation take shape?  It would probably mean a little introspection–you know, getting to know what makes you & your body tick. For many, that’s stressful within itself.  But it doesn’t have to be.  As I mentioned earlier, stress is the great in-equalizer.  For some, binge eating mitigates their stress.  For others, they seem to rise, thrive, & conquer.  Why?

I believe it is in the processing.  For example, these times have proved to wreak havoc on many businesses.  Restaurants have been especially hit hard.  Their food is spoiling.  Employees have been laid off.  Some have gone to take out; with so so revenue & results. 

Yet in the midst of this, there came forth from a forgotten & neglected neighborhood,  a fresh market.  It is primarily run by teens after school.  Once a liquor store, it received a start-up investment from an ex NFL player.  It provides fresh produce to those who would not otherwise have access to it; or really much of anything.   My question to these restaurants unable to serve patrons, WHY NOT POUR OUT? Feed those who need to be fed? Partner with organizations such as the fresh market & do cooking demos? Food giveaways? Cook for those who may not get a meal otherwise? 

Stress can be a disaster in the making, or a rising to the occasion. 

Another example of that RISING TO?

The fabric lying around shops intended for prom, wedding or special occasion dresses? It’s now fabric to adorn or construct masks.  

Stress is indeed the great in-equalizer, but so is access, opportunity and life.  What will you do? Mitigate? Rise & thrive? Or let it have its way with you, rather than you having your way with IT?


All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.  

Are you eating because of what’s eating you? 

Find out.  I will be posting an excerpt shortly.

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