New Year New You? Let’s find out

Yes, it’s been awhile.  But I’m back.  This is not a long post.  This is intended to prompt a few questions.  

Much has changed from when I first made this recording.  It is not new.  But the message is as relevant as it is simple.  As most of you who follow me realize, I’m not the squat here, fast there, try this trend type of trainer.  If your only goal is a size 2 bikini or to fit those long lost size 10 jeans, you may want to scroll elsewhere.  

“Change your mind, not just your body,” isn’t just my slogan.  It is the motto which challenges former thinking first, and from there changes your body.  No, this isn’t NOOM, or anything like it.  I’ve had this as my motto long before NOOM existed. 

I have several projects on my burner this year.  First and foremost is my book.  Short as it may be, it follows in the vein of this blog.  So if you enjoy my style of writing, you should enjoy this work.  Second, I hope to document the journey of someone who is post quadruple bypass surgery.  As a nurse & personal trainer, this highlights one of my specialties in health & wellness, fitness & nutrition. 

For now give  a listen to this short recording.  You may want to play it more than once.  There is no right or wrong here; only the questions you ask, and the answers you provide. 

If you want more personalized attention, drop me an email or leave a comment.  I always answer my emails; and most of the time within 48 hours.


All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

Questions? Comments? Contact me at




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