How do we move beyond what we see?


This is a question which most of us dread.  No net, no backup it seems. When we survey the world around us, images of long lines ranging from food banks, to grocery stores, to vaccines abound.  Moving beyond these scenes isn’t easy, but it is possible. 

What is important to note is that you have a choice.  You don’t have to feast at the “good & evil” table.  I relay to those coming to me, rather I remind them, you exert more control than you think.  How?  Glad you asked.  

  1.  Take stock of what your reality is, not someone else’s.   True enough, there are many out of work, suffering setbacks, and there are those among us who may have lost loved ones.  However, that may not be your reality.  If it is, where are you now?  Not yesterday, not two weeks ago, where are you NOW? It may sound strange, but being present in the present, helps us cope. It helped me.  If this has not affected you or loved ones, of course there are ways to assist; & I encourage you to do so.  But it doesn’t mean you have to indulge the world’s pictures & scenarios it feeds us day & night. 
  2. However difficult, begin to practice dominion.  This is not an easy concept.  For those unfamiliar with what this means let me clarify; this doesn’t mean domination. Dominion begins with exerting control of what we can control.  No one needs to plunge themselves into their mirror view of the news cycle. Being informed does not mean being inundated.  Take stock of your screen time, what you read; what you ascribe power or credence towards.  That is the beginning of taking dominion over what affects you & how.  There are many types of viruses in this world, COVID is only one of them.  There are many types of vulnerabilities & susceptibilities; vaccines only solve a few.
  3. Your 1st compassion is towards yourself.  I accept my beliefs & understanding are out of the box for many; & at times it can complicate things between friends & family.  I’ve learned not to keep silent.  It doesn’t mean I’ll change their minds; it only means I will not negate what I’ve seen & learned.  That is MY COMPASSION towards myself; not hiding or negating simply to “stay on good terms.” They have a right to live their lives as authentically as they see fit.  BUT, so do I.  I also take time to spend time; both with like minded individuals as well as those who are not. It keeps me grounded as well as compassionate. 
  4. Balance self-care with self determination.  Self-care is a term we hear incessantly.  And with good reason.  Many have found themselves plunged into circumstances they would have thought unfathomable in this country.  Taking care of yourself, does not mean indulging yourself however.  It means at least for me, that I allow myself feelings of ineptitude, fragility, & downright sadness.  What it doesn’t mean is that I live there.  I’m passing thru; like going thru a long corridor.  But there is an end.  Furthermore my feelings are not my foundation.  They change.  Therefore my foundation must be built on something more than the pendulum of feelings.  Discernment & determination are foundational for me.  This looks different for everyone, so each of us must decide how this shows up in our lives. 

This post became a little longer & more detailed than I thought it would.  Will complete in a later one. Guess there was something now, that had to come out.  

All for now, keep up & keep at it.  

Are you eating because of what’s eating you?  Find out.  Will be making excerpts of my book available shortly.  Will also list it for sale on this blog, if I can figure out how to incorporate a Pay Pal button.

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