Could this be a breakthrough?

As a former dialysis nurse, this article excites me.  If you have been told you are in the throws of CKD (chronic kidney disease), this may be of interest to you.  This cites research about resistance training & how it may delay the progression of kidney disease.  

Why should this matter?  Chronic kidney disease is usually something which goes unnoticed and unverified until you require intervention; namely dialysis.  Dialysis is not a cure; it helps to filter some of the toxins your kidneys normally would.  What are the precursors to chronic kidney disease?  Hypertension & diabetes.  Get the picture?  

If you want more of a detailed description how diabetes and/or hypertension can damage renal function, let me know.  This was my former life; teaching this stuff.

If you are a personal trainer, this should excite you as well.  It provides as well as proves that your work is not just fixing up the outside.  We know this, but this article reinforces it.

All for now, Keep up and keep at it.

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