That’s a loaded word…

Transformation. I was recently asked how it shows up in my life. What would it mean to me?

Have to say, I was caught a bit off guard. Told him I’d get back to him. I did. This was my reply.

Transformation is neither linear nor episodic. It may mean two steps forward & 4 steps back. It rarely is a lightening bolt occurrence. And even if it is usually there is still much to learn; and still more to do. ONE & DONE is rarely transformation.

That is the premise of my book. I hope you enjoy this excerpt. May post a little more, a bit later.

Food isn’t just nourishment, it’s part of how we interact with society. Whether it’s date night, time with girlfriends, repass or birthdays, graduation or a “so sad to see you go” party, food (and usually copious amounts) is at the center of the occasion. With that said, we haven’t even touched on holidays–yet. 

Food feeds our senses, not just taste, but auditory, smell, and touch. It also makes memories. How many of us recall and try to replicate Thanksgiving & Christmas recipes?  We want to make the cookies or candied apple dish grandma made.  We really have a taste “that just won’t quit” for peach cobbler or sweet potato pie at that time of year.  What would the holidays be without our favorite dishes? 

In short, they would cease to exist as we know them.  You can say what you like about the sanctity of the day, or remembrance attached to it. Food is still front and center after we attend services, say grace, do either or neither.

 It is the linchpin of how we interact with others; casually or within a more familiar setting. So whether it’s a family feast or first date, food has been and always will be there. 

So how do we curb our indulgence? 

That’s a question not easily answered by a “one size fits all.”  The better question might be, “what triggers you to overindulge?”  Do you know?  Do you know exactly when or what makes you eat?  Hunger?  Bad day at work?  Stressful event?  A stressful event doesn’t mean a negative occurrence.  It could be a baby shower for your best friend.  Or a reward from your employer. 

From celebration to frustration, this is a good time to remember–food isn’t meant to be a pacifier. We give these to infants to ease their boredom, perhaps teething pain, or just plain keep them quiet. As adults, we now turn our attention to possibly smoking, food, drugs or alcohol.  

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