Do You trust your intuition?

How many of us realize, feel, or intuit when something is wrong with us?

If you are like most, sometimes yes, sometimes no. Becoming familiar with your body & what it is telling you, could mean the difference between suffering, lack thereof, or perhaps life & death.

Interested in how this works? I’ll start with my own experience.

I recently visited a salt bath. It was supposed to be a very relaxing, spa-like treatment. You float for about 50-60 minutes in this very saturated salt water filled pool. Each person has their own accommodations; a private salt bath, shower, etc. You can choose to play music in your room or not.

About 5-10 minutes in, I knew this was not for me. Whenever I lay back to float, I became nauseated. My heart began to race. Despite my best intentions to get comfortable, it was useless. I settled down enough to sit in the water & meditate. I’ve learned difficult situations sometimes provide a unique environment for meditation.

Over the past year, I’ve noticed sodium as well as caffeine exhibit strange & sometimes disconcerting effects on my body.

I’ve never been a coffee drinker. However, some of the teas which I’ve grown fond of are just as caffeinated if not more than coffee.

What does this mean for you? Perhaps nothing; perhaps everything.

When we choose to listen to what our bodies say, we choose not to suffer. Foods we consume, drinks which give us that “jolt,” what is it that is being said to us? In a subtle or not so subtle way?

Vitamins, supplements, and yes even medications which are supposed to be “good” for us–how do we feel after we take them? What are their effects? Are their any? What side effects coincide with their consumption?

As a nurse, I’ve given many medications; IV, injections, oral. I was once chastised by a colleague about my hesitancy to give a patient coming back from surgery, something for her nausea. I told her, “she will feel better once she clears this out of her system.” She shook her head. However, once the patient regurgitated a bit of clear liquid, she told me how much better she felt.

If I had have given her something, she may have went home with anesthesia still clogging the highways & byways of her system. Yet many nurses felt compelled to intervene. Is this the right decision in every situation? Not saying it is or isn’t. I can only speak to that moment.

In conclusion, I say the same to you. What answers will your body give you, once you ask the right question? Or learn to interpret its language? It isn’t for me to say what you should or shouldn’t be taking for pain, blood pressure, or for issues considered more dire.

What I am saying is LISTEN.

All for now. Keep up and keep at it.

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