This isn’t for everyone

Change. We are told to embrace it. We are told it’s good. We are told it’s inevitable. Indeed it is.

Change or rather an addition is coming to LIFE TRAINING.

WHAT’S THE ALTERNATIVE will be a new category added shortly.

WHAT’S THE ALTERNATIVE will explore alternative therapies; from herbal preps/medicine, meditation as adjunct treatment, to no treatment for even the most deleterious conditions. It may even delve into spiritual healing. This is just the short list of topics.

Why am I doing this? And why now?

There are too many questions as well as unsatisfactory answers for those desiring them from traditional medicine. Once working oncology briefly, I had more questions than answers. An experience while there set me on a trajectory; a quest if you will.

As you know, most of my nursing career was spent in renal care/dialysis. And by now you realize I’ve pretty much left that world behind. But that one experience while working oncology was pivotal. It’s one I’ll discuss later.

This new category is just what the title of this post implies–it’s not for everyone.

But if you have more questions than answers, get ready. In the words of the immortal Betty Davis, fasten your seatbelt. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

For those who may be in the midst of cancer treatments, or who have had cardiac issues, 2 new interviews are in the works. While their stories are not alternative, they present a candid look at what it means to undergo mainstream treatment. The highs, the lows, the physical & the mental will be discussed. And of course the side effects of their choices will be presented.

All for now. Keep up and keep at it.

Questions? Comments?

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