Excerpt from “ARE YOU eating because of what’s eating you?


Just breathing through a situation isn’t viable.  For me there’s more to it. In reality, it’s more about your reaction than the problem or confrontation at hand.

Stress from home, work, school, society will ALWAYS be going in–in one form or another. It’s your reaction that can balm or burn the situation.  

Sadness, joy or anything in between is part of living on this plane of existence.  Even if your day seems pretty routine, stress is atmospheric.  When we think of overindulgence or gluttony, food comes to mind. What about overindulging in the news cycle?  Political exchanges? The latest gossip about the new neighbor or aloof co-worker? This is also a revving up of an appetite. Gluttony of a different sort sets in, and can lead to many overindulgences not necessarily on your plate.  

Regardless of what’s going in regarding the world around you, your reaction is what determines upturn, downfall, or neutrality.  Recognition is the first step; it is your reaction that determines if or how it should be changed.  

Have you ever assessed what goes on with you and within you when you listen to someone’s troubles? 

 Recognizing what’s going on with you and within you is crucial.  Why? It takes more of a toll than realized–but you’ve just learned to sublimate it. If you acknowledge those feelings, it’s easier to gauge as well as come to grips with your reaction. Knowing that reaction is key, it’s kind of a prep for the next step-mediation aka meditation.  Yes I said it. Meditation. 

I don’t consider myself the greatest meditator.  For me, it takes on a different tone, and is more of a mitigation/mediation step. Recall when I spoke about my experience preparing for in-services.  I would read some type of reflective literature. That was my PREPARATION. Preparation which was required–especially on the day a fellow nurse wanted to confront me at a most vulnerable and inopportune time. What might have been my REACTION if that PREPARATION hadn’t taken place? Guess we’ll never know. 

Mindfulness is another buzz word few understand.  It evokes different meanings, depending upon who you ask.  My definition of mindfulness is being fully present in the moment, and yet it  prepares me for the unexpected. That preparation allowed me in my work (and home) life to side step some land mines.  It also kept me from indulging in recreational pity parties, or stopping at the nearest rib house on the way home. I was never much on alcohol, but there were times a little Southern Comfort in my pancake mix was just to taste–and taste and taste. 

The idea here is twofold.  Know your reaction–feel it as you listen and digest what’s going on in that circumstance. It’s the only way you can plan for it. 

If you are a stress eater, what will that look like for you?  What would be your plan ahead of it?

Perhaps a cooler filled with some nuts, cheese, crackers, or your own homemade smoothie would help.  I admit, stress eating isn’t my thing.   However, anything slathered with BBQ sauce, if I haven’t eaten that day is not a stretch.  If the day is challenging in a mild to moderate way; a bit of a binge isn’t out of the question.

Like this excerpt? This book in its entirety will be for sale shortly.

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