Put it in your mouth, put it on your waist?

Exercise. We’ve been told to do more, we’ve been told to do less. Add strength training, do more cardio, do less cardio. It gets old & it gets confusing.

But what about caloric restriction? Where does that fit in? Can’t I just eat what I want if I exercise regularly? For me the jury is still out on that. But I’ve written before about eating your way past your workout.

Perhaps this will help.


Exercise, particularly interval running is something I enjoy. Getting to a trail & going as hard as I can really relieves my tension. I don’t worry about distance in my run; my only goal is to get there, go hard, but not necessarily long. I enjoy my breather walks in between.

On other days, elongating exercises such as ESSENTRICS or ballet inspired workouts extend tight muscles which my have contracted. How do I know they’ve contracted from my run or strength training? Performing these exercises confirms my suspicions.

Point is, it doesn’t really matter what you do for movement. As the NIKE slogan says, “just do it.” Keep in mind however, you can “undo it,” by what you put in your mouth.

All for now. Keep up and keep at it.

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One comment

  1. “Undo it” clever way of putting it. Most frustrating is when you work hard all day, and don’t see the results because you felt free to binge at the table. Have to stay on track!

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