Is it your age? I’ve never thought so…

Many believe a slow metabolism is generated by an increase in chronological age. If you are a woman, this appears to be doubly true.

I can’t say I’ve bought into this. From the looks of things, it might be somewhat convincing. But looks can be deceiving. Here might be some proof of what I’ve suspected. Was part of my ACSM newsletter this week.

Few of us want to believe with increasing age, we lose our charms. The loss of extra pounds I’ll give up any day.

My personal experience is it takes a combo plate to erase stored pounds. Those who come to me as clients know that they will be performing a range of exercises; stretching, elongating, body weight bearing, as well as cardio & strength. Most of my strength training focuses on moving body weight through pushing, pulling, & maintaining a posture. The reason for this is two-fold. You never know how much weight you carry, until you have to move it in a variety of ways. Also, ADLs (activities of daily living) are performed by moving your body through time & space throughout the day. Lifting, bending, picking up, putting down, up stairs, down stairs, rotation–these all constitute ADLs.

Few of us walk around with dumbbells in our hands, or jogging to our next appointment. How we react, move ourselves in the task at hand, & reflex action are more important than flipping a tire or jumping on or off a box. These are great bombastic movements. But how quickly can you steady yourself if you meet an unexpected crack in the street? Movement which focuses on this & other questions is what interests me. And this isn’t just something for older adults.

If the goal is long lean arms & legs, squats are not the exercise of choice. Neither are endless pull-ups. Try keeping those arms elevated; better yet, attempt 15 minutes of a ballet inspired workout. These might have you wishing you were doing squats, pull-ups, or flipping a tire.

Exercise should always incorporate what we enjoy. Yet is should also encompass action required to reach desired results. Question is, “Is your workout helping you achieve those goals?” If not, might be time for a change.

All for now. Keep up and keep at it

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    1. You are so right! I’ve always liked the commercial for Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Proud sponsor of the most “advanced machine on earth.” Some may take issue w/the comparison of a body to a machine. I get it. However, think of how we use our bodies in our activities of daily living. Crawling, sprinting, rotation, climbing, pushing, pulling, lifting; & we haven’t even gotten to the exercise yet! It is up to us to maintain this “machine.” However you choose to do so, careful of what you “feed” it. And I’m not just talking food. Thanks for the comment!

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