Overindulgence–from word of mouth to what goes in it

Overindulgence is a word we mostly associate with food. Maybe shopping or screen time come into play, but mostly our ears are trained on what we put in our mouths.

For me, overindulgence comes in many forms; which can translate into not only what we eat, but what we consume; on many different levels. Let me explain.

How do we react when we hear about rising infection rates? Smash, grab, & snatch theft? Cars being hijacked midday? Let’s take it down a notch. What about a close friend relaying her relationship troubles to us? Overindulgence like stress can be atmospheric. We don’t always have a choice about what is going in. Sometimes we do, but more important to me is what comes out.

What does that look like? Does it reverberate & play out in a way that puts more food on your plate, or more drinks in your mouth? Does it mean a little something to take the edge off your anxiety? What about sleep? How much of your day is affecting your night?

Me time, mini spa days, or a mental health days may help. But that’s not really laying the ax at the root. What can? For me preparation & realization is key.

If you’ve listened to excerpts in a previous post for my book, you noticed I once gave in-services for a major dialysis company. Uncomfortable with public speaking & new to education, I had a habit of reading some type of reflective literature beforehand. That was my preparation. I mitigated prior, not after. It was I believe what saved me from a very awkward & decimating question from an audience participant. Preparation stood me up when standing down was not an option.

Realization is a little more compensatory. It necessitates an understanding of what is going on not only around me, but within me. How am I reacting to the situation at hand? Before I can answer that, I need to know what triggers those feelings. Was it a thoughtless comment which undermined my confidence–intentional or unintentional? Really, it makes little difference. The same feelings are triggered regardless. Did my heart race? Did my face flush? Did I break out in hives?

Realizing what is occurring not only around but within us, readies us for how we can choose our reaction; or at least make a valiant attempt.

Because of my preparation step, I was able to give an answer to a question meant for my demise. Yes I thought my words would fail me, but something answered through me; for me. In spite of my racing heart, there was something which quelled the storm of the situation.

I didn’t need to binge on the lavish lunch or go home to a couple of shots of Southern Comfort. Many of you I understand enjoy your wine, but if I’m going to drink I’m going for Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, or Jameson’s.

No one is condemning the occasional splurge. What may be of consequence however, may be that splurge that leads to something not so occasional.

I realize I’ve sort of lumped food in with alcohol or even what we take for sleeplessness or anxiety. There is a reason for that. Should we think of food as something that could be habit forming in our reaction to stress? Can food be addictive? Is it our mitigation step in times of trouble? It’s not like drinking to excess or pills, is it? Or is it?

Those are loaded questions. Nevertheless they deserve answers. I’ll make an attempt from my perspective anyway, in a following post.

All for now. Keep up and keep at it.

Questions? Comments? Contact me at serrenity.c@gmail.com

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