Change is coming….

The changes you wanted to make in the New Year—how are they coming? I’m not just talking weight loss & working out more to fit your single digit clothing. Yes, that may be your goal & I will be speaking to that as well. But, what else did you have in mind that you really wanted to change? A career? A mindset? Explore alternative spirituality?

Change is coming.

I will be hosting posts, audio, as well as podcasts in my CHANGE SERIES. LIFE TRAINING as many of you know, was once PERSONAL TRAINING W/Crystal. The name change reflected my need to explore other topics which are relevant to my reader’s lives. And let’s face it, there is a plethora of fitness tips, exercise videos, as well as “eat this not that” out there.

Fundamentally, this is still a health & wellness blog. But there is more to health & wellness than supplements (which I will be discussing), exercise, & a goal weight. Lives which have been challenged, career dreams in the making or breaking, & the universal questions we all ask, will be explored. That’s life. And giving rise to a little more understanding & a little less blur is what I do here.

Join me on this adventure. If you have a story of change which would help or inspire others, let me know.

I have not forgotten what I promised to discuss at the conclusion of my Overindulgence post. That will be discussed in a follow-up audio or post as I round out my CHANGE series.

Want to share your own story of change? Large, small, intermittent, “in the midst of,” great or not so great? Contact me at

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