Change is in the air; not just talking weather

Change is in the air. One can almost smell the spring here in the Chicago area. Of course there are still bits of snow clinging to the ground. But as I did my interval run/walk on a favorite trail, I could see winter losing it’s grip.

What else is loosening it’s grip? For me, something is coming to an end which I’ve enjoyed doing for awhile. Have to say, it’s not a good feeling. However, there is a lightness & an exploration in me which, if not for this forced break, I wouldn’t be experiencing.

Unexpected change for better or worse, can be overwhelming. It brings emotions to the surface you may not know you had. It has for me. But it has also forced me to answer some questions. Why am I doing this? Why do I choose to give my time to an institution which believes an entire gender unworthy of leadership roles? If I had a daughter, would I want her part of this? Especially if she were barred from becoming what she may aspire to be?

I have one son. He decided long ago to give up his space. And with the way things have recently went down, he was far wiser than his mother.

Change is inevitable. Yes, you can put it off. Perhaps you can find a way to circumvent it; but it will catch up to you. It will stare you right in the face & force you to make a decision & perhaps take a stand. It may feel gut wrenching; it may even feel like you are losing a part of yourself or your identity. Be willing to do just that.

If a seed could talk, it might tell you that as it is planted, you are burying it alive; smothering it to death. It is forced by the earth & the elements to break open; yield its innate potential. Then in due season, it becomes what it was meant to be from the get go. Certainly not a seed, stagnate in a paper envelope. No, it was meant for more than that. It was meant to show forth a greater glory.

What are you losing? What do you need to loosen or let go in order to grow? Does it feel as if you are being stripped of your identity? If so, perhaps that’s the first phase or step. Do not be afraid to shed your outer shell. That coating must be sloughed off, for that which is within you to bloom.

All for now. Keep up & keep at it.

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