Add a little life to your workout–or does it add a little life to you?

What does exercise really do for us? Ever wondered about that? I have at times. What does it really do? It can help you lose unwanted weight (that some will debate), strengthen your cardiovascular system, possibly lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, & mitigate diabetic risk factors.

Well here may be another add on.

Now my personal experience says to me, exercise helps build a strong immune system. Is it the only factor? Absolutely not. There are outliers, mitigating factors, mindset, the refusal to give into labels, spirituality, & how life is viewed which play a significant role.

Everyone has their own take on what builds immunity. Mine is comprised of what I mentioned above. Exercise is only 1 component. But for those of us who make it priority, it is an essential one.

All for now. Keep up & keep at it.

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