I don’t usually do this….

Rarely if ever, have I recommended a book.

This is my exception. A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece on medical hexing. I’d never heard of the term before, until I read this. MIND OVER MEDICINE by Lissa Rankin, MD.

Earlier in the year, I was fortunate to be on a call with the author. Because of the nature of this call, very few were able to ask questions. However, she did an outstanding job of summarizing her book in the time allotted.

For those who know little about me, I am a registered nurse. Like Dr. Rankin, I went through the ranks of traditional teachings on disease, possible origins, subsequent treatments, & possible prevention. It’s the latter which led me out of renal care/dialysis nursing, towards a health, wellness, & fitness approach.

Taking it a bit further, was my curiosity about alternative therapies. That’s another story for another day. However if you read MIND OVER MEDICINE, Dr. Rankin’s revelations almost parallel my own. She speaks to these therapies. She also cites occasions where shamans & alternative practitioners are allowed the same access to patients as their physicians. I’m kind of jumping ahead here.

If you’ve ever entertained the slightest curiosity about alternative therapies, especially through the eyes of a medical professional, this book is for you.

Want to share your thoughts? Experience with non-traditional cures? Want to start a discussion about this book? Contact me at serrenity.c@gmail.com

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