How sweet it is….

Substitution. We think of swapping out one item for another. Usually this is an attempt to mitigate or avoid something we find unpalatable or “better” in our estimation.

How does this work when it comes to sugar? Sugar substitutes? Everyone has their own experiences with both. For me, there’s nothing like the real thing. However at a restaurant, I may choose EQUAL, SWEET N LOW, or whatever is on the table to sweeten my tea. What I’ve noticed is that these substitutes taste sweeter than the real thing. Perhaps it’s me.

There is no absolute when it comes to data on sugar vs sweeteners. Kind of like beauty & singing ability–it’s in the eye & ear of the beholder. Here it’s in the taste buds, but possibly in the way our bodies process the artificial compared to the natural.

What’s your experience with this? Feel free to comment or contact me at

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