Retirement party

So sad to see you go.

Well not really. This is a category in which I’ve failed to conform. I can recall being led away by the school nurse in HS. I didn’t know why, I only knew I needed to go to her office. The reason? She was concerned about my weight.

Now at the time, I wasn’t even pleasingly plump. Muscular & able to run as fast as just about anyone in my class, I wasn’t overweight. But to the scale, arbitrary measurements, & her, I was. If BMI were factored in, the scale still wouldn’t have tipped in my favor.

To this day, I still weigh probably more than what most would think. Why? There is a little more to me than meets the eye; in many ways. But I still run, (fast & slow intervals) workout w/Shaun T, as well as RUTHLESS, barre, & yoga dvds. My abs still show forth the many years of training I’ve invested, & there is less cellulite on my legs than many women half my age. These are not bragging rights, they simply tell the tale of the tape; the work I’ve put in as well as the energy put out.

My point is this. The days of BMI & scales may be over as a health determinant. We’ve certainly become more sophisticated in the way we view ourselves & each other. Health care has kept the pace; except for these modalities. The next time you are asked to “weigh in” at your doctor’s office, ask “is this still necessary?” If the answer is yes, when your MD sees you, ask “how does this factor into today’s visit? If you feel I need to lose weight, can you recommend a nutritionist? An exercise regime? Will this weight loss affect my medication? My need for medication? How?

These are legitimate questions if weighing in, is still part of the routine.

How does this “ritual of the scale” make you feel, at the doctor’s office? Does it add a few more pounds than the scale you use at home? Does either scale factor in or differentiate between muscle, bone, & fat? How would you feel about this if it did?

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