Time for something new, outside the boundaries of the New Year New You regimen. Writing ARE YOU EATING BECAUSE of WHAT’S EATING YOU? opened something up within me.

As a nurse, I’ve seen many diagnoses. But behind each of them, is a person. Someone whose life is altered from the time they entered their doctor’s office, to the time they left. Something in between happened; perhaps results from a mammogram, a redo of lab work to confirm a suspicion, or even being told they have nothing to worry about–now. In any case, throughout the world, each & every day, someone is given news which may be life altering; for better or worse.

What angst, what toll does this take on the psyche? Even when your visit is a yearly checkup? I’d bet more than you realize.

Why do we give someone else license over our bodies who knows less about them, than we SHOULD? We take our cars to mechanics because they have a skill set we do not. However, who drives your car day to day? Certainly not your mechanic. You know its rattles, quirks, & flaws better than anyone. Now you may be alarmed by someone else’s automobile making unfamiliar noises. But your own?

You live in your skin, not your MD, nurse practitioner, or even alternative practitioner. You are the captain of that ship, so shouldn’t you be at the helm to steer it?


If you’re someone who was given a diagnosis or prognosis which was less than favorable, I’d like to hear your story. Whatever route you chose–traditional treatment, alternative therapy, spiritual healing or nothing at all, let me know. Perhaps we can take back command of this ship from those who hijacked it from its true captain.

All for now. Keep up & keep at it.

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