Life has changed significantly for most of us, since the last time I posted.  We have been ordered to shelter in place, told to social distance, and only go out for necessities.  People are hoarding food from the shelves, and toilet paper is more coveted than a troy ounce of gold possibly.

It is a different life in a world with which we are unfamiliar.  Uncertainty.  This is a word which we want to find our way out of and PRONTO.  I am no exception but I’m going to stay with that word, UNCERTAINTY and more importantly that intangible, uneasy feeling it provides for a moment.

What has come out of that uncertainty?  Fear personified in various forms–liquor & pot sales are through the roof, paper products in high demand, shoppers with carts of full of food stuffs that they may not otherwise purchase.  Is this what we choose to feast on for the time being?  Food, fear, drugs & alcohol–what a combination!  Will we need a virus to sink the ship of mankind?  Not likely. Just keep up with the news cycle, (I’ve termed THE DAILY TERROR REPORT) and we will need no virus to consume us.  We will do a fine job of it ourselves.  Now this got me to wondering….

Are we obsessed with the number of shootings and daily death tolls, as well as the tally from our inner cities?  I see no update or scroll regarding such statistics, do you? I don’t recall seeing any numbers regarding refugees and their plight as well as deaths in Syria, do you?  At best, these are blurbs dwarfed and drowned out by the next story.  You may answer, THIS IS A  PANDEMIC, A DIFFERENT SCENARIO.  YOU would be right TO AN EXTENT.  I will leave it up to you as a reader, to determine that extent & differentiation.  Numbers are available; and I’m not speaking to projections or estimates.

On a more positive note, have you noticed the uptick in creativity?  Memes of a prominent mayor from my state keep popping up in the most unlikely places.  They are quite good–and reinforce our stay at home guidelines.  Type in LORI LIGHTFOOT MEMES if you need a humor escape.  And really, who doesn’t at this point.   Have you seen the creative ways people have developed to stay fit?  From kiddy obstacle courses to juggling a roll of toilet paper by a women’s college soccer team, there is no excuse not to keep your mind & body engaged.  Also if you have XFINITY, THE GREAT COURSES are now on demand & free.

Ok so much for the feast.  It’s time to talk FAMINE.

As I stated earlier, a daily diet or feast of fear will do little to lift our spirits.  Staying informed and updated is different from this daily dose of infection; and I’m not necessarily talking the one you think.   It’s time to inject a little fasting.

Intermittent fasting has been touted as one way to move the scale.  So what about a little intermittent fasting from the TV?  I wonder…what will that do to move the needle–especially away from drugs & alcohol?  Let’s face it, you can only binge on your favorite foods for so long without repercussions.  So the same could be said for the binge on this.  Only one way to find out.

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

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For those who follow me, this is redundant.  For those  who may have been searching for the latest  fitness tips that predicate the NEW YEAR NEW YOU SYNDROME, let me introduce myself.


I am a registered nurse, as well as an American College of Sports Medicine personal trainer.  There are many  who do the same, BUT I WRITE–a lot.  I’m not a face book fit mom, a mommy blog, nor am I an Instagram/selfie stereotype.  If that’s what you’re into, then this is probably not for you.

But if you are looking for content, and meaty content, read on.   Why do I do what I do?  Simple, well maybe not.

My field of expertise lies in the renal care field, or dialysis, prior to doing what I do today.  What is renal care? Dialysis?  Dialysis in short, is for those who have little to no substantive kidney function.  Your kidneys control your blood pressure, as well as filter toxins.  If they are unable to perform their duties, dialysis is needed.  Dialysis in not a cure; nor does it take the place of your kidneys.  It simply buys time.  Time for what?  Hopefully a kidney transplant.  However that can mean months to years for many.

So…back to why I do what I do.  I tired of working at the “opposite end of the spectrum.”  I no longer wanted to “patch up.”  I wanted to put a road block up to the number 1 and number 2 precursors of kidney failure–HYPERTENSION & DIABETES.   If you are of African American descent regardless of your other ethnicities, these precursors stand in correct order.  If you are Hispanic, Native American or Caucasian, then reverse them.  Either way, they are highly preventable.

That’s it in a semi-coated nutshell.  It is why I left my field to start this business venture.  There are those who believe I must be raking in business as a nurse & personal trainer hand over fist.  I also started taking on clients who are on a plethora of medications, as well as facing a host of health challenges–such as post cardiac rehab.  But this for me is not about money.  If it were, I would’ve stopped long ago.  I do wish business was better.  I do wish I had more clients.  It would be great to have over 20K followers.  But what I may lack in numbers or followers is what I more than make up for in content.

No you won’t see me posing in my sports bra & tight workout gear.  Or shaming those who are not into being a size 4.  What will you see in this coming year?

  1.  Added content–not just “eat this not that” crap.  Content which reflects real life challenges such as cancer and recovery
  2. Added podcasts–I delved into doing podcasts this past year.  Will being upping my game on that
  3. Cleaner layout
  4. More online presence

That’s just a few of the tidbits I have on tap for 2020.  After all, this is supposed to be the year of seeing clearly.  Well, guess it time for me to be seen.


All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

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So here we are again.  A few degrees on the thermometer, and many of you are trying to wiggle your way into a swimsuit or a pair of shorts.  Why?

Is this a right of passage for a change in seasons?  It shouldn’t be, but for women, it often is.  But really IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE; and not just in seasons.

I’ve often wondered, what keeps people from asking for help?  Fear of being perceived as a failure?  If it’s securing a personal trainer’s help, fear of how hard you will be asked to work?  Money? Time? Commitment?

As a nurse, I’ve seen people at their worst; and not just physically.  That part is often more fixable.  Sometimes it isn’t, if we’re talking what’s thought of as a chronic condition.  But even then, chronic doesn’t mean daily.  And it doesn’t mean the condition isn’t amenable to change. That being said, if you are struggling, what keeps you from asking for help?  This is where I need your help.

Tell me your fears are if you are struggling with a sense of what nutrition, or incorporating more activity into your life means to you.  I’d also like to hear from you if you just finished physical therapy or cardiac rehab, and want a little more supervised exercise.

A change of seasons needn’t only refer to weather conditions.  Seasons can also herald replacing old attitudes & behaviors with newer fresher ones.  And finding out how to do this, can start here & now.

Feedback needed.


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This has been a series which for me, is personal.  When I decided to take my nursing expertise from the after thought of health, to the forefront, i.e. PREVENTATIVE, I’ve had little support.  There are those who see this as WHY DON’T YOU STAY IN YOUR LANE, AS A NURSE?  WELL, unless I’m driving, that advice for me does not apply.

Those of you who are struggling with what a sense of health, wellness, illness, exercise, or nutrition means to you, I can help.  However, I don’t do this alone,  If you like what you see, I will soon be adding a DONATE button.  More details to come.  Thank you


Ready to continue on this journey?  Spring is a time of renewal; on many levels.  Perhaps your renewal  begins with a new outlook, an approach to fitness you haven’t contemplated previously.  Here is the 3rd installment in this series.  4rh and final will be up soon.

I’ve had a follow-up commentary to this series.  I don’t usually post comments, because any I approve, can be clicked and read.

This comes from someone who is trying to improve/continue on a fitness journey.   He is on a blood pressure medication, as well as a beta blocker.  The latter is dropping his heart rate.

Let’s start with the basics.

Blood pressure is largely regulated by the kidneys.  Medications given to regulate BP work in many ways; some help you excrete excess water volume(diuretics), while others work as ACE inhibitors.  Angiotensin Converting Enzymes (ACE) in short, work to inhibit the renin-angiotensin phenomenon.  What does that mean?  They work to reverse the effects of vasoconstriction(tightening of vessels), which renin-angiotensin puts in place, elevating your BP.  Other BP meds work in a variety of ways.  In any case, the desired outcome is to lower blood pressure, and prevent complications such as (CVA) stroke, or kidney failure.   Yes, there’s a lot more to this than what I’ve briefly explained, but this is meant to be kept as simple & straightforward as possible.

As for beta blockers, their task is to lower heart rate.  Heart rates vary; as do people.  What’s normal for someone whose heart rate is normally elevated and now lowered slightly, may feel like an impending heart attack to another.  Only you and your MD can discuss what  this means to you.

However, there are factors which many may or may not consider.

If you are a coffee drinker, caffeine is very dehydrating.  If you are consuming 3-4 cups, I’m sure you realize your pit stops.  So if you are taking a diuretic to lower BP, guess what?  your dehydration factor goes up…way up.

If you are taking any BP medication, discuss with your MD the type of exercise in which you engage, how many days, what time you take your meds, and your response to them; especially if you are exercising regularly.  This conversation is all the more pertinent, if you are taking any type of beta blockers.  Again their job is to “normalize” or stabilize heart rate; the goal of any physical activity is to elevate it…get the picture?  So lets say you are drinking your 3-4 cups of coffee, taking your BP meds, as well as a beta blocker…  Again, this is food for thought, not a recommendation or advice.

As always, discuss with your MD any medication concerns you may have.  But empower yourself with keeping a diary; when you take your meds, when you may feel them “kick in,” your response to them especially during exercise, caffeine consumption (teas or coffee) and if you are experiencing chest pain during exertion or upon rest/recovery.  All of these tell a story; and your MD can only complete the puzzle if he/she has all the pieces.

You are your own advocate.  You inhabit your body, no one else.  Entrusting it to a health care provider is something that should be undertaken consciously, conscientiously, and with discernment.

Thank you for your trust and your commentary.  All for now, keep up and keep at it.