the world is my track

So cooler temperatures are on the horizon.  If you are among many who enjoy outdoor activities, but live in a climate where winter is looming, what do you do? Sure moving is one option.  But if that’s not part of your agenda, read on.

I know there are those who simply can’t run anywhere but outside.  Maybe an outdoor court holds memories of neighborhood friends gathering for impromptu hoops.  Playing inside just doesn’t hold the same mystique.  The idea of kicking a soccer ball across anything but grass is sacrilege.  Softball and baseball enthusiasts–I can already see the mist welling up in your eyes.  Seeing your children return to school leaves you a little dismayed; well maybe that’s a stretch.

If you are among those whose sporting dreams fade and fall with the dried leaves, what do you do?  What’s your off-season plan?  Do you have one?

Nothing replaces what you know and love, and replicates it in circumstances you desire, without the idea of “it’s not the same.”  Acknowledging this fact helps.  Running on a treadmill doesn’t come close to a sunlit trail strewn with heavy shade.  However, losing what you’ve worked hard to accomplish shouldn’t be an option.

What do I do?  I get bored easily.  Therefore, I mix it up with a variety of combination workouts.  Perhaps the INSANITY warm-up coupled with BALLET BEAUTIFUL legs and arms.  Or TAE BO FLEX coupled with yoga stretches afterward.   Who said you have to stick to one workout in its entirety?

Was I always this adaptable?  I could say yes, but too many who know me read my posts.

Though running on a treadmill never bothered me, I understand how strictly outdoor runners feel.  I can also empathize with those in situations I mentioned earlier.  The trick is to find something which simulates what you enjoy.  Also, consider the repetitive stress you place on muscles used for your sport Change in seasons might signal a break–one where you develop muscles which support your habit. 

If you play softball, what will enable you to keep your arm strength and rotation?  What can help you develop muscles supporting your shoulders and back, as well as your torso?  If soccer is your passion, what will help you maintain your running endurance, as well as your kick?  You also need a strong core and back.  These are just a few considerations to keep in mind.

Maybe you have an off-season plan; but maybe not.  The parts of your body used primarily for your sport are not subsets; they are integral to the whole.  Allow cooler temperatures to herald a time to integrate the whole, and stop focusing on a part.

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

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happy applesRecently I posted “Judging me, judging you.”  This is a follow-up to that–breaking ground and dispelling myths surrounding the big “O.”  The big “O” here meaning–organic produce. “Stanford Scientists Cast Doubt on Advantages of Organic Meat and Produce.”   I’m sure there are those of you reading this that have reasons for buying strictly organic.  That is a choice you have made, and I am not judging.

However I do find it necessary to investigate, as well as mitigate beliefs whereby a large population is excluded.

Organically grown food, at least in my circle of friends and acquaintances–is a luxury.  It is one most cannot afford.  In a city divided by North & South (north side of Chicago–considered the upper crust), as well as some areas being labeled as “food deserts,” many are struggling to feed their families; and regular produce may be considered costly.  I realize in the greater scheme of things, this is not the case.  Yet if you are on a budget, live where produce is scant or a leftover from stores not wanting it, organics are certainly not an option.

As stated in “Judging me, judging you,” I shop at discount food chains, as well as other stores.  I’m happy they all carry fresh produce; only two carry a small section labeled “organic.”  What are the effects on a family of eating strictly non-organic?  Well let’s see.

My son runs cross-country and track.  His last report card had one “C,” the rest were “A’s & B’s”.  My husband is the same weight as when we were married, and able to outdo my son in reps of pull-ups.  Me?  My weight has always fluctuated; and never really stabilized until after I had my son, and started running.  My workout routine consists of hot yoga, ballet, INSANITY, running, as well as gym/strength training.  My weight has stabilized, and currently I wear a size 4 or 6 jean–depending upon who makes them.  Such are the effects of eating a healthy non-organic diet, all while shopping at ALDI, Straack & Van Til’s, as well as Pete’s Fresh Market.  One more thing; I am not part of the upper echelon known as the north side; I am a proud southsider–GO SOX!

By the way–we love our dairy too.

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

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