happy applesRecently I posted “Judging me, judging you.”  This is a follow-up to that–breaking ground and dispelling myths surrounding the big “O.”  The big “O” here meaning–organic produce.

http://nytimes.com “Stanford Scientists Cast Doubt on Advantages of Organic Meat and Produce.”   I’m sure there are those of you reading this that have reasons for buying strictly organic.  That is a choice you have made, and I am not judging.

However I do find it necessary to investigate, as well as mitigate beliefs whereby a large population is excluded.

Organically grown food, at least in my circle of friends and acquaintances–is a luxury.  It is one most cannot afford.  In a city divided by North & South (north side of Chicago–considered the upper crust), as well as some areas being labeled as “food deserts,” many are struggling to feed their families; and regular produce may be considered costly.  I realize in the greater scheme of things, this is not the case.  Yet if you are on a budget, live where produce is scant or a leftover from stores not wanting it, organics are certainly not an option.

As stated in “Judging me, judging you,” I shop at discount food chains, as well as other stores.  I’m happy they all carry fresh produce; only two carry a small section labeled “organic.”  What are the effects on a family of eating strictly non-organic?  Well let’s see.

My son runs cross-country and track.  His last report card had one “C,” the rest were “A’s & B’s”.  My husband is the same weight as when we were married, and able to outdo my son in reps of pull-ups.  Me?  My weight has always fluctuated; and never really stabilized until after I had my son, and started running.  My workout routine consists of hot yoga, ballet, INSANITY, running, as well as gym/strength training.  My weight has stabilized, and currently I wear a size 4 or 6 jean–depending upon who makes them.  Such are the effects of eating a healthy non-organic diet, all while shopping at ALDI, Straack & Van Til’s, as well as Pete’s Fresh Market.  One more thing; I am not part of the upper echelon known as the north side; I am a proud southsider–GO SOX!

By the way–we love our dairy too.

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

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