It’s beginning to look a lot like…no not Christmas.  That’s come & gone for the year.  No, this has to do with the ritualistic obsession we have with the NEW YEAR, NEW YOU premise.

We’ve all made them.  You know those resolutions we love to hate, & often negate 2 weeks into the new year.  From tidying up our lives, organizing our finances, to the ever continuing saga of weight, here we go again.

What is so beguiling about this ritual, that we keep doing it over & over, with limited or mixed results?  Is it the idea of a fresh start?  We begin a new day, each & every day.  But few of us see this as a new or fresh start.  We aerate our lungs 12-24 times per minute.  This is rarely seen as a shining beginning.  Yet it is, & if you have ever struggled with breathing or shortness of breath, this is something you really don’t take for granted.

If exercise, cognitive nutrition, or seeing the scale numbers descend instead of ascend are part of your goals, consider this:  What exactly will change?  Perhaps making a list before going to the grocery store?  Meal planning?  Keeping a food diary?  What types of exercise do you find appealing?  If the answer is none, we can talk.  How many times per week can you commit to an exercise routine?  For how long?  Lastly, are you caught up in the trends?  Gluten free?  Low carb, no carb, high protein?  Coconut oil? These are just a few.  I could easily go on for another paragraph, perhaps even another post.

Perhaps, this year IS the year; for whatever you wish to achieve, to finally take shape.  I can tell you this however, it takes more than a little commitment, and answering the above questions.  It takes a change.  Not just effort–change.  Well what does THAT MEAN?

It’s the motto which appears on my logo, as well as the signs on my JEEP.  CHANGE YOUR MIND, NOT JUST YOUR BODY.  For that to occur, SOMETHING has to rise up in you.  And not just rise up, SUSTAIN YOU.  That SOMETHING won’t care whether you ever make it into a size 4 jean, or get into a bikini.  That may be nice, or an added benefit, but it won’t sustain you; at least not in the long-term.  When that SOMETHING takes hold though, you will know it.

Perhaps, it may even prompt you to give me a call, or drop me an email.  After all, it’s what I do.


Like what you see?  Then you’ll love what you hear.  LIFE TRAINING WITH CRYSTAL will be going podcast.  I will still continue writing,  This is just another venue, as well as a new venture.  I hope to have it as part of this blog, for easy access.  More to come.


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rocker nude  Happy New Year!  First and foremost, thank you, my loyal readers and followers.

The New Year always brings promise–promise of a better life, and for many, an attempt to shed unwanted pounds.  For some, it will happen; for many it will not.  I’ve often wondered “why?”  Everyone starts committed, but what happens along the way?  Before you hop on the NEW YEAR NEW YOU bandwagon, keep this in mind.  It may mean the difference between setting your goal, and actually reaching it.


I realize this may be common sense, but its worth going over anyway.  If your idea of running or working out consists of running to the mailbox (depending upon how far your mailbox is), gradual and steady are the operative words here.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype.  Friends and family are buying workout gear, shoes, and everywhere you look there is a new exercise trend or gadget.  From juicers to blenders, “healthy” recipes, to “try this and lose 6lbs in 2 weeks,” it’s easy to get swept up in the fitness tide.  DO IT, BUT DON’T OVER DO IT.


For many, this is not the first time at the dance.  You know what I mean.  You’ve made this resolution before.  How far did you get?  Did you reach your goal?  If so, what happened?  If not, what happened?  Your intentions were there, your commitment was resolute.  Fast forward 4 weeks later, and for whatever reason, you just aren’t as motivated.  True enough, you’re not alone.  But that isn’t going to get the weight off, let alone keep it off.

What might have gone wrong is a lack of planning.  For example, your plan was to get to the gym, 3 days a week, for 60-90 minutes.  However, you got stuck working a double shift twice this week.  The other days your husband couldn’t pick up the kids, or worse yet, your sitter cancelled.  The one day you could get to the gym, you were just too tired.  The weekend is time to play catch up.  What happened?  LIFE– that’s what happened.  What you fail to realize is that this is your life, and you have more control than you think.


Financial planning is not something most of us take lightly.  So why should your healthy lifestyle require less effort than your finances?  If you’re willing to pour over portfolios, sweat out strategy, and insist on insight into potential investment, shouldn’t your weight loss goals require the same due diligence?  If they don’t, well, get ready for the never-ending story of new year resolutions.

I don’t presume to know everyone’s predicament, situation, or needs.  As a nurse and trainer, I am results oriented.  Nursing has taught me to embrace evidence based practice, while considering specific patient needs.  However, the outcome is still the same:   Transition the client from one point of health to a better one–with progression, consistency, and maintenance in mind.

This requires strategy, time, and investment.  But first and foremost, it requires a plan.  Over the next few posts, Personal Training with Crystal will endeavor to help you plan.  So if you are serious about NEW YEAR NEW YOU, and want to close the chapter on weight loss resolutions, stay tuned.  Time to start a new book.

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

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