Game changer…

cropped-collage-health.jpg  If you’ve been following this blog, even on & off, you realize I’m not the most consistent writer. Recently, I’ve gone for an upgrade.  And a name change.  And a format change.  Let’s just say, a complete overhaul.

Even though I haven’t written a word in over 2 months, I’m thrilled I still garner readers.  Thank you!

Why the change?  A few reasons.  There are myriads of fitness sites.  You can find out how to procure the much coveted “thigh gap,” how to work out in less time, what to eat, what not to eat, and muddle through the low carb, no carb, nonsense.  Yes, I said nonsense.  If these are your primary topics of interest, my blog is not for you.

As a registered nurse, personal trainer, wife, and mother, I realize FIRST HAND, there is more to health than skipping the bread sticks, starving yourself into stick figure proportions, or taking medications.  No one is saying to skip the latter.  But there is more to living, than living on a medication regime.  And while I realize most of us are finally awakening from this nightmare, there’s still work to be done.


It still amazes me how many believe workouts should fall into one of two categories–strength or cardio; and neither the two shall meet.  My clients know how I feel about this.  They also know the results they achieve, with the combo plate workouts I  design, and more than strongly suggest.


And what about diet?  Glad you asked.  But where to begin?

Give up pasta.  Give up gluten.  No sugar.  No sugar substitutes.  Eat between the hours of 11 and 2.  Eat breakfast.  Skip breakfast. Grain brain. Eat only protein. Don’t eat too much protein. CARBS are Satan incarnate.  Eat only green foods on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays, don’t eat anything.  OK, I made the last one up.  Sort of.  With everyone hawking their own theories regarding nutrition, the Tower of Babel hosted less confusion.  Despite the push to lead healthier lifestyles, we as a nation still topple the scales–not only as a leader of the free world, but in overweight people.

Then what is the answer?  I wish I could box it all neatly into some nice-sounding acronym.  I can’t.  Hence the change in format and title.  For me, personal training is too narrow a category and places too many restraints on subject matter I wish to bring to light.  Life training–while it may sound catch phrasy, better encompasses the mission of this blog.

There’s more to life than counting calories, carbs, determining your mood by a number on a scale, and trying the latest workout craze.  There has to be change.  A change in habit?  Perhaps.  But no habit for better or worse becomes set, without a change in your mind.  Better yet, a change in consciousness.  As my grandmother used to say “Now you’re cookin” with steam.”

And so it all begins.

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