Working out isn’t working…is your routine, routine?

gymnast  My objective in writing this series “Working out isn’t working,” was exploratory.  Indeed, I have learned a few things along the way myself.  I hope you have too.

I will be writing a few more posts on this topic.  However, I believe I’ve covered a range of reasons why your workout may not be working.

Those who follow me regularly, realize my routines run the gambit.  From INSANITY, hot yoga, to running and ballet inspired, my workouts incorporate the gym as well as home based.  When Chicago weather permits, a leafy trail is my preference for running.  From the onset of this blog, I have reiterated my view:  changing things up a bit yields me the most from my workouts.

Well, someone else feels the same essentially.  COMMON FITNESS HABITS THAT CAN PREVENT YOU FROM REAPING MAXIMUM RESULTS.  This article is dated November 15, 2013.

Dr. Mercola goes a step further however, than I.  He addresses delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), from the standpoint of working out through this.  He also believes as do I, in a solid strength training routine–avoiding machine hopping.  Once you have that in place, changing your routine helps offset boredom, and keeps your body from saying “I got this.”  He also addresses the “stretching before exercise” debate.  His commentary on this topic alone is worth the read.

Throughout this series, I have tried to address nutrition, as well as introduce how to train with a THR (target heart rate)  This post is entitled “Let’s Take the Guesswork out of this…”  It is dated November 9th, listed under Fitness.

Though I’ve tried to incorporate nutrients and meal selection, it’s come from the “what not to indulge,” vs. “what you should indulge.”  More coverage on this before I conclude this series.

However, I hope I’ve hit on at least a few reasons, why your workout may not be working.  As stated in the beginning, this venture has and continues to be, a learning experience for me as well.

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

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