Treat it with exercise…

gymnast  Starve a cold feed a fever.  Find something to do if you’re feeling blue.  These are just a couple of the phrases you may have heard when it comes to make-shift cures.  Is there something to it?  Maybe..especially in the case of the latter.


While I realize the term “cure” means many different things to people, I think suggestions in this article may be helpful. The 9 hit list includes:

1. anxiety


3. Memory Loss

4. Sleep problems

5. Asthma

6.  Erectile Dysfunction

7.  PMS & Menopause Symptoms

8.  Low back, hip, knee, & neck pain

9.  Osteoarthritis

If these issues sound familiar, the message here is clear–get moving.  Dr Metzl offers a snapshot for specific ailments listed.  However, none of them include more sitting, lying around, or watching TV.  Need more info?  His book, THE EXERCISE CURE, might be a worthwhile investment.

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

Need help with your NEW YEAR NEW YOU resolutions?  Maybe I can help.  Contact me at

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