By the numbers….

the world is my track  Not really a numbers person.  However, my profession is all about evidence based practice.  So for me, as trainer and registered nurse, it has to add up.

If you aren’t getting the results you desire, take a look at this.  I have always believed in the “it takes a village” mentality.  Raising children aside, I’ve found from personal experience as well as working with clients, exercise is a science.  May not be an exact one, true enough.  There will always be variables.  But my idea of the village means it all must add up; even if the equation doesn’t balance.

Let me illustrate.

I specialize in “jump starting” clients.  The 4 weeks I spend with them entails nutrition counseling, exercise routine, journaling, as well as return demos.  Yes, it’s an intense 4 weeks.  However when they finish, they’ve actually learned something.  They are not relying on a trainer who wants to keep them by their side, to ensure a paycheck.  Also, the grunt, squat, and fart repeat is not part of my repertoire.  Trainers abound who do that.  So what if they appear to be doing everything right, and the scale isn’t moving?  The answer is in the numbers.  Remember I said it all must add up, even if the equation doesn’t balance.

Perhaps for one, this means we work on more cardio.  For another, it may mean a field trip–to the grocery store.  By the time we part ways, I want my clients to become stakeholders and master assessors.  I want them to look in the mirror, listen to what they’re body is saying, and then decipher if it’s a cardio, PILATES, strength training (and there are many types of strength training), or rest day.

No the equation is not equal for everyone.  As in life, there are those of us who must work harder on one thing, to achieve the same results as another.

The equalizer?  Knowing your numbers.  Heart rate, max heart rate, and calorie counts are a great start.  If you haven’t worked out in a while, or on medication, checking out your baseline vitals with a healthcare professional, should be your jumpstart.

Your life, your well-being, you own.  No one else can take the responsibility for it.  Realizing what your individual numbers, body, and lifestyle are saying to you, adds up.  Does it mean you may have to exercise longer, eat less, and skip that extra piece of pecan pie, while your girlfriend doesn’t?  It might.  And on second thought, it probably will.

All for now.  Keep up and keep at it.

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